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A Shower to Remember

by Kankon

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between a brother and his younger sister

Kat was home alone studying for a trigonometry test, both her parents were at a wedding in Florida for the week and had left her and her brother Jake alone as she was 16 and he was 17. She shut the book, she already knew most of this, and decided she fancied a hot shower to get her mind off the sine cosine and tangent.

She undressed herself in her room, shedding her tee-shirt, jeans, bra, and underwear before making her way to the bathroom. Once there while waiting for the water to heat up she looked herself over in the mirror: she was 5 foot 4 inches, had shoulder length blond hair, and a slim body with C cup breasts. Kat moved her eyes down to her virgin pussy, her pubic hair was completely gone thanks to regular waxing with the help of her girlfriend Dani. Turning she entered the soothing, hot water.

Jake came home in a foul mood, earlier in the day his girlfriend, Shelly, had been giving him head for the first time after school in a little used and out of the way bathroom and had stopped just before he came telling him that she was breaking up with him and leaving. Jake hadn't even had time to finish what she had started because at that moment he realized he was late for football practice and had to hurry off, spending the hours of hard practice for the upcoming state finals as such was made worse by overhearing a few of the cheerleaders talking about his now ex-girlfriend was going through the whole football team, giving them head and blue balling them just before breaking up with them and leaving.

So Jake was tired, sweaty, and horny as he entered the house wanting nothing more that to take a long shower and jack off two or three times, maybe shoot a few e-mails off to his friends so they could brainstorm a plan to get back at Shelly. As ideas for revenge circled around his brain he moved on autopilot, depositing his bags and clothing in his room and walking to the bathroom.

Kat was standing under the spray of hot water with her eyes closed letting her mind wander. Without thinking about it her fingers made their way down to her pussy and slipped inside as her fantasies moved to Jake, her brother. She knew it was wrong wanting to fuck her own brother but that didn't stop here from playing with herself all the harder as she fantasize about him.

Kat was so embroiled in her own world that she didn't notice the doorknob turn and the idle thought went through her head wishing she had brought the small vibrating bullet she kept hidden in her room.

Jake opened the bathroom door and stepped in only to be confronted by the sight of his sister, Kat, in the shower playing with her pussy. Jake snapped out of his tired trance as he looked at her, she seemed not to notice that he was here and his cock, which was already hard, grew even harder at the sight of her luscious breasts.

Jake had fanaticized about Kat but this was something he never thought he would see. Some combination of frustration, horny-ness, and years of fantasies took control of Jake as he stepped forward, entered the shower and, shifting Kats hands, slid his long cock into her tight pussy. Jake paused a moment as he felt her hymen break but he pressed on until his entire cock was inside his sister's hot pussy and began fucking her hard and fast.

Kat was shaken from her fantasies as her hands were pulled from her pussy just as she was teetering on the brink of cumming. For a moment she was confused as to what had moved her hands but that disappeared as she felt a hard object press into her pussy shredding her hymen as it went. The pain she felt from her hymen was dwarfed by the pleasure of the orgasm that washed over her as she lost her virginity.

As Kat came down from her orgasm she saw that it was her brother Jake who was fucking her, she knew that she should push him away but she was so turned on by the fact that she was fucking her own brother, her flesh and blood, to stop it now. Instead she slid one hand down to begin rubbing her clit in time with her brother's strokes, her other hand roamed over Jake's body, from his muscled chest to his tender nut sack.

Kat moaned in pleasure as her brother's cock sent wave after wave of pleasure thought her body and it wasn't long before she felt another orgasm building and, as she felt herself about to cum she threw her arms around Jake and held on.

Jake thrust his cock in and out of his sister's pussy as she moaned in pleasure. Pretty soon he felt himself about to cum and, as Kat held onto his shoulders as her pussy squeezed his cock he let loose with his orgasm into his sister's tight pussy.

As they both came down from their orgasms the siblings sank to the floor of the shower, Jake breathing heavily looked over at his sister who whose breasts we heaving just as much, "I-I'm sorry Kat, I don't know what came over me" Jake stammered.

"Sorry for what?" Kat replied questioningly, "I've never cummed so hard in my life."

Jake was stunned at her reply, "so you aren't angry?" Jake asked, unsure, "I mean, you were a virgin".

Kat shook her head, "I'm not angry at all" she answered, "and I wasn't entirely a virgin either" she added with a smile.

"What do you mean" Jake asked, "I mean I felt your hymen break."

Kat smiled mischievously' "well I don't just have the one fuckable hole you know."

"You mean a guy has fucked you ass little sis" Jake asked shocked, none of the handful of girls he had fucked in the past had been willing to let him fuck their bums.

Kat smiled wickedly, "why yeas brother, you act like you've never heard of anal sex before"

Jake stammered for a moment before he replied, "well I have heard of anal before I just never knew a girl before who liked it."

"You've never fucked a girl's ass before Jake? Well I'll have to fix that" Kat said and climbed to her knees.

"What" said Jake, "are you sure?" He asked, stunned.

"Of course" Kat said, "I do enjoy a good cock up my ass and I am sure as hell not going to give your cock up now so why wouldn't I want you to fuck my ass?" She moved closer to his cock, "now just to get you hard first" she said before taking his soft cock into her mouth and expertly sucking it. All possible objections faded from Jakes mind as his sister's mouth pleasured his cock. As his cock grew to its full length Kat stopped sucking it which was accompanied with an unhappy groan from Jake, "don't worry" Kat told him, "I'm not going to stop now." She grabbed a bottle of lotion from a nearby shelf and poured some onto Jake's cock, coating it with her hands; she also slid some into her asshole.

Kat bent over, raising her ass into the air. Jake moved to his knees and positioned his cock at the entrance to her ass, she griped his cock and slid the tip into her hole and smiled at him over her shoulder. This was all Jake needed and so he slid his cock deeper and deeper until he was fully in.

Kat was amazed at the size of her brother's cock and how good it felt in her ass. Jake slid back and thrust back in sending waves of pleasure through her, she slid one of her hands to her pussy and began stroking her clit and her brother fucked her ass. As she went she felt Jake's cum leaking out of her pussy and, curious, scoped some and brought it to her mouth. She had tasted cum before but Jake's tasted better than any guy's she had tasted before.

As Jake kept thrusting and she kept alternating between rubbing her clit and tasting the cum leaking out of her pussy Kat soon felt another orgasm building and she braced herself as she felt it about to wash over her.

Jake fucked his sister's ass, enjoying the tightness of it. He had always wanted to try anal and now that he had he knew that he like it. It wasn't overly long until he felt like he had to cum so, gripping his sister's waist he plunged his cock in to the hilt and began to cum hard.

Kat came hard as she felt her brother's cum shoot into her asshole, as both their orgasms ended they collapsed to the floor of the shower once more, Kat reached up and turned off the shower as the water was beginning to get cold. She looked at her brother; she knew what she wanted to do for the rest of the week.

Jake looked at his sister, still stunned at the events that had occurred. One thing he knew and that was what he wanted to do for the rest of the week.

Jake and Kat spent the rest of the night fucking in every position possible, Kat got to taste Jakes cum straight from the source and Jake got a chance to taste Kat's pussy as well. They continued to fuck all week. What happened after that is another story though.