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Can I come in for a while?

by John Demille

Caution: This story contains sex between and adult and a teenaged virgin catholic girl

"Can I come in for a while?"

The girl from across the street asked when I opened the door.

I lived in a small single house in a cheap neighbourhood that was full of new families and single parent homes. Across the street there was a row of attached townhouses that stretched nearly thirty units in one block.

Living with her single mother, she was about sixteen at the time and she was locked out of her house when she came home from school.

I had answered the doorbell and there she stood wearing her very alluring catholic school uniform (white blouse and too-short plaid skirt) and carrying an armful of books. She told me that her mom was at work and no one else was at home and she had forgotten her keys.

I was twenty-nine and single at the time. I was working as a night manager at the local cable company and had just gotten out of bed. I answered the door with nothing more than a bathrobe on.

I let her in and told her to have a seat, watch some TV and offered her a soda. I couldn't get over how hot she looked -- long brown hair down her back, big blue eyes, a really cute smile and flawless white skin. She had a very womanly body with ample curves everywhere. Nowhere near fat; just a fully formed young woman's body. She will be a heart breaker for sure.

After she plopped her cute ass on my couch, I went to my room to get something on besides my robe, but then decided for no particular reason not to. I couldn't see why I should make myself less comfortable. She's the one in my house.

I came back to the living room to find her lying down on the floor in front of the TV after picking some afternoon teen show. That put her between my comfy recliner and the big screen. I tried to watch TV but I found it difficult as I found my eyes drawn to her cute butt as she lay on her stomach with her knees bent upward. I noticed that every time she moved her legs her little plaid skirt got higher and higher until finally I could see her white cotton undies.

The situation was turning me on something fierce.

Her white panties were snug enough against her firm womanly butt that they clearly showed her tiny crack outlined in a groove in the thin cotton.

Soon enough my cock started to get hard. I considered leaving to my room to get some relief, but the mere idea started deflating my hard-on.

Since I was behind her, and knew she couldn't see me I began to rub my hard-on through my robe while watching this girl's hot ass. I tried to be as inconspicuous as I could in this ridiculous situation.

Moments later, she moved in such a way that her skirt was halfway over the top of her panties and somehow they got even tighter on her ass. So I continued to rub myself.

Then I realized that she was watching my reflection in the TV and that her skirt going up was intentional, she was basically sliding backwards on my carpet. I also realized that I could see her face in the TV when there was a dark scene on.

I could clearly see interest in her face and concentration. She wasn't as innocent as her uniform or age would imply. She was turning me on purposefully and she was enjoying herself.

First I thought I was seeing things, but soon the dark spot in her underwear became quite apparent. She was excited too and her young pussy was lubricating as she watched me rub myself.

I thought that I should give her something to turn her on more, so I pulled aside my robe and gripped my cock showing it off.

I knew should could easily see it as her eyes got bigger.

Her feet started swaying side-to-side pulling her ass side-to-side too. I could see that she was squirming as her thighs' muscles were contracting enough to squeeze her pussy slightly.

It seems that wasn't enough for her anymore for soon she simply raised her right side a little up and snuck her hand under herself and her fingers appeared on her pussy.

She started rubbing her slit through her panties and the wet spot soon grew to cover her whole crotch.

I was very turned on by this masturbatory situation. I could feel my cock so hard that it wouldn't bend sideways much.

Things went on like this for more than five minutes. Then I saw her bend her head down and her hand's movement across her crotch got almost violent as obviously had a strong orgasm. Her hips raised few inches off the floor and she had orgasmic spasms for nearly a whole minute.

I wasn't anywhere near coming though and I was a bit disappointed when I saw her body slump and she laid face down on the floor unmoving.

I contemplated what I could do to salvage my own situation without chasing her away or worse, raping her.

No more than a minute later I saw her head rise and her eyes locked onto mine on the TV screen. Then she did something marvellous. She raised her hips, grasped her panties with both hands and slid them down her thighs as far as she could while still in the same position. They didn't go far, but that exposed her ass and her nearly hairless pussy to my lustful eyes.

The invitation was clear to me as stayed in that same position, ass raised slightly and hot ass exposed in an offering.

I didn't waste much time. My cock regained its extreme hardness and I got off my recliner, took off my robe completely, and then walked the couple of steps separating her from my chair and straddled her thighs.

The position was very exciting. She didn't resist. On the contrary, she pulled her knees together and raised her ass a bit more.

I didn't need any stronger invitation.

I was difficult as it was very hard, but I managed to angle my cock down far enough to reach her pussy, I had to lean over quite a bit. I swapped my cock a couple of times through her slit, eliciting a couple of long moans from her lips, and coating my glans with her ample lubrication.

Pushing forward, I lodged my glans between her fat lips, and paused. She was tight, very tight! As I did it, she whimpered a little, but nothing more.

As I have been turned on for very long now, I didn't have much patience for gentleness, and after all, she already had an orgasm.

So I simply put my hands on the floor near her shoulders and put more weight on my hips, pushing my cock a couple of inches into her welcoming and unbelievably tight pussy.

She whimpered more, and then said, "Be gentle please, this is my first time."

I was taken aback a little, as her behaviour didn't suggest that she was a virgin at all. So at first, I though that she was pulling my leg.

I paused.

I sat up straight on her thighs and looking down, pulled my cock out of her far enough to leave only my glans inside. Sure enough, there were streaks of blood on my shaft.


Well, she obviously wanted this and it's done and I saw no reason to stop.

So I did the only logical thing I can think of. I leaned forward and plunged all of my six inches of hard cock into her. I kept pushing until I felt my glans nudge her cervix.

She groaned.

I groaned.

The feeling was indescribable.

She was amazingly tight, and the position was making it even tighter.

I didn't think I could last long, and sure enough, it only took few strokes and I was gushing into her receptive sheath. As I was coming into her, I felt her body spams some more and her ass buck back into me. She was orgasming again. Awesome!

I stayed in position, with my cock buried into her spasming pussy. She never settled down. Her movements kept my cock hard and sending delicious sensation through my cock to my brain.

Soon enough, I started moving too.

We stayed in that position. I pounded her pussy from behind as hard as I could. She would grunt when my cock hit her cervix too hard, but never really complained. She moaned constantly, she even had more orgasms while I pounded and pounded against her ass.

It took more than fifteen minutes of hard fucking for me to get my second orgasm, but I finally exploded into her for the second time in less than an hour after she knocked on my door.

This time I couldn't hold on anymore and I slumped against her back. After lying on her back for a minute or two, she pushed me off to the side a little, so I rolled off her, pulling my deflating cock from her hole with a plop.

We laid on the floor for a few minutes. I had my eyes closed, but I heard her rustling on the carpet and I opened my eyes to see her standing over me, with her feet around my shoulders, giving me a great view up her skirt.

Raising her skirt higher to let in more light over her panties, showing me her wet crotch, she said "I hope my mom doesn't see the blood on my panties. Thanks for letting me wait here."

With that the fifteen-year-old simply walked out.

I was too tired to get up or even talk to her.

Few days later, there was a knock on my door.

"Can I come in for a while?"