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Doing the Babysitter

by Anonymous

Caution: This story contains sex between and adult and a teenaged babysitter

I've been married to my wife for a few years and we had a boy. Krista, our latest babysitter was a cute sixteen year-old girl from down the street. She lived about four or five blocks away.

She took to coming to our house after school to play with our son, and to help my wife. When I would get home from work, usually at about 5PM, Krista would go home to eat dinner.

We didn't use Krista too often for formal baby sitting, since we didn't have a lot of money, and couldn't go out too often. She was a god-send on those rare occasions when we did go out.

After a couple of weeks of dropping in, I became aware that Krista didn't rush out when I got home, as she had at first, and my wife did ask her to stay to dinner several times. Even then, she was great, as she helped with the dishes, while I went in and played with the baby.

Krista did come to my rescue when diapers had to be changed, and she made a couple of remarks about the baby's periodic hard-on when his diaper came off, which I noticed but didn't make a big deal of. She always made it a point, if I was the one watching, to pay special attention to his prick when going through the routine of putting talc on. She rubbed it easily all around his bottom, but took the penis between her fingers and massaged the talc on, usually salting more on as she fondled his penis and testicles, always gently. This always produced a hard-on in both my son and me. She would always look up and smile when he got hard, as if to claim some seductive power.

I think, now, that she was letting me know she knew about hard-ons. I was aware she didn't do this if my wife was present, and she would defer the diaper changing to my wife.

Krista had cute little tangerine sized breasts, and I did intentionally cup them or rub them several times, while reaching around her. Eventually, when my wife was busy in the kitchen, I took to pulling Krista to me, back first, and pushing my hard-on against her firm little ass, and reaching around and cupping her small breasts. She always handled the situation the same way. She would stand dead still and let my rod press between her ass cheeks.

She never over-reacted, never pulled away, and never stopped my hands from fondling her breasts or her ass, which I started to do more boldly as time went by. She always managed to feel my hard-on with the palm of her hand, or by brushing it with the knuckles of the back of her hand.

She was obviously attracted to it and liked to feel it often. Sometimes, while my wife was busy in the kitchen, I would silently take Krista's hand, and place it on my cock.

During one of our little contact sessions, while my hard cock was pressing through my pants and pushing against her ass, I made a remark about her being too young to understand something, I don't even remember what the subject was, and she corrected me with "I am a woman in EVERY way." I said she was not, and she took it as a personal offence. I thought at the time that she was trying to tell me she had started to menstruate, and was therefore, "mature."

I ignored that and when she said "I am old enough to have a baby" I responded with "Not if you don't get something pushed into you first." She looked at me funny, reached behind her to where my cock was pressing against her, and to my crotch. She patted the bulge that was now always there when she was near me, and said "You mean this?" I said "Yeah, or one like it." She leaned over as she turned around, pulled my head down to her chest, brushed my face with one of her breasts, while her mouth sought my ear to whisper "I'd rather have this one."

With that she actually squeezed my hard cock, through my trousers, moving her hand up and down the shaft, and didn't let go until I moved away, afraid my wife would walk in on us, from the kitchen.

It was enough of a clue to me that Krista wanted to lose her cherry to me, but she worried me because, I reasoned, she could have had a childish idea that she would then become my second wife, having screwed up my first marriage by telling my wife how I fucked her. That knowledge kept me from any real activity with Krista, except for the cock pushes against her ass, and the groping that we both engaged in as we were able to.

Just before we moved from the neighbourhood, Krista babysat while we went to the realtor's office after supper, to sign papers for a house we were going to buy. We were still at the Realtor's office at 9PM and didn't get home until nearly 10PM, on this Friday night.

My wife told Krista all about the house, and then looked at the clock and told me to drive Krista home, as it was nearly 11PM. As we were leaving, my wife got ready for bed. The day's events had made her very tired.

Krista and I went out of the apartment to my car, which was parked in the back of the two story house we rented the first floor of. As we walked to the car, I squeezed Krista's shoulder and pulled her hip to my hip. She walked a short way with me, and then turned and kissed me. I was surprised, but I did push my tongue between her lips. Just the tips touched, and it was electric for both of us. I developed an immediate hard-on which I pushed against her abdomen as I hugged her. I did a fucking motion as we kissed, and she held firm.

We broke and went to the car. As we got in, Krista told me she would miss us, when we moved, and she started to cry, quietly. I reached over and hugged her and told her we would have her down to the new house on weekends (It was about 30 miles away.).

As I hugged her, she pressed her hands against my chest, and rubbed them in circles over my nipples. That got my prick hard, but I did nothing but hold her. As we separated, she dropped one hand into my lap, and felt the head of my rock hard cock. She didn't move that hand, but took the other one and pulled my zipper fly down, freeing the head which was sticking out of my shorts under my pants. She then brought the other hand up onto the bare cock, held it between her thumb and forefinger for just a moment, and then to my shock, lowered her head onto the head of my cock, licked the top, and began fucking my cock with her lips and tongue. She did this like a pro, and seemed to know what was to be done. For a 16 year old novice, this was, I thought, unusual.

I didn't stop her. Her warm moist mouth felt like a soft loose cunt. She was not rough, but very patiently eased her lips up off the cock, then parted them slowly and forced the cock head back between them, into her waiting tongue, which she then gently eased around the entire head, all as she pushed the cock about 4 to 5 inches into her mouth.

It only took about two minutes of this until I said quietly "I am going to come." She said nothing, but continued to hold the shank of my cock in the left hand and to fuck it with her mouth. I came in three gushes, which she kept in her mouth and swallowed.

When I finished coming, she raised her head up and kissed me, pushing her tongue into my mouth, and doing a fucking motion with her tongue, between my lips.

After a long, soft, moist kiss, she backed her head away from my face and said "Now you are a cock sucker by proxy." Even her knowledge of the term shocked me, but I was still trembling with the orgasm that was still sending little echoes into my entire body.

I said "How did you learn to do that?" She was reluctant to tell me at first, but finally told me she had been giving blow jobs to her older brother since she was thrirteen, and he taught her what he liked.

She just assumed I would like the same things. She was right. She insisted that my cock was just the second cock she had ever felt, and because she loved her brother's cock, and what it did for her, she wanted my cock to be in her, if only in her mouth, for now.

She asked me if she did it again, if it would get hard enough to put in her pussy, since she desperately wanted to feel the thickness of my cock in her vagina. She was not a virgin, as I had assumed, since her brother had been fucking her regularly for three years already. She told me he was now eighteen and they fucked at least once a week, or more often if they were left alone by their parents. They had even slept naked together one night when the parents were away for the weekend.

She said she had just started her period, and if we did it quickly, I would not get stained, and she would not get pregnant. Her brother had taught her that too.

I told her that if we did it, it was as a parting event. I loved my wife, and my son, and I would never do anything that would keep me from them. She promised that if I would fuck her, now and whenever she came to our new house, she would never want anything from me other than my cock inside her. She said that if I did it tonight, she would let me fuck her in the ass if we got the chance. Her brother had tried two or three times, and she realized that as much as that hurt her the first time, every time she did it, it felt better, and even though she would rather have my cock in her cunt, or in her mouth, she knew that I would like the novelty of her ass, and it was starting to be very sensual to her too.

When I didn't immediately say yes, she then said she had a friend who was aware of her crush on me, and who said she would like to fuck me, too. If I would fuck her, she would bring her friend to visit us at the new house, and she would keep my wife busy while I fucked her slightly older friend, if I would just give her my cock now.

We had been outside my back door this entire time, and although it only lasted 5 or 6 minutes at most, including the conversation, I told her I had better get the car going or my wife might look out to see why the car hadn't left yet.

With that I backed the car out of the driveway to start the drive toward her house, four blocks away. As I went out the driveway, she put her lips and tongue against my cock, which was still hanging semi-hard out of my fly, with her head in my lap, and began to lick and suck just the tip, while she used her long nails against the shaft of my prick. Before the car started forward in the street, I was even harder and bigger than before, and after a couple of sucks, she looked up and said "Please give me the same relief I gave you."

I did feel obligated, and I pulled over to the side of the street, about a block from home, away from the nearest streetlight. I pushed the seat all the way back and said "Take your panties off."

She did, and I had her put her right knee between me and the door. Her ass rested against the steering wheel, and I ran both hands up the outside of her thighs, onto her hips, and then around onto the cheeks of her ass. From there, I took one hand and fondled her bushy pussy, running my fingers between the lips of her cunt, and up onto her clit.

She was already wet when I touched her, but her pussy literally gushed with fluid. I inserted my middle finger into her cunt and fucked her with it for just a minute or two. Her cum ran onto my knuckles.

I told her to reach between us and guide my prick in. She did so instantly, and although she was thin enough to fit between me and the steering wheel, I was shocked at how easily my cock slid up into her waiting hot moist pussy.

She eased herself onto my shaft, and gently putting pressure on her bent knees, she raised and lowered herself onto my cock, so that I did not have to thrust at all. She was tight but not uncomfortable, and my uncircumcised cock was not squeezed so hard that the skin pulled over the head of my cock. Rather, it stayed in place, which is unusual.

Since I had just come, I was not feeling great pressure to ejaculate again, and she sensed that she could take as long as necessary to bring herself off, using my now huge cock as a rubbing post. She said that as hard as I felt to her hand, it was a velvety hard, and my cock felt like an elephant's spreading her cunt lips and vaginal wall.

She picked up the tempo, and said "Please, pull off my bra and suck my nipples. They are hard and my bra hurts them." I raised my hands under her blouse, reached behind and undid the clasp, and her tits were free.

Even in the dim light, I saw two half dollar sized circles of red, and really erect mature nipples staring back at me. I put two lips around the first nipple, licked it, and sucked. I fingered the nipple I wasn't licking, and she began to move higher up my cock with each hump.

She pulled herself off my cock, came down and nearly broke it, but grabbed it with her hand, guided it back in, and keeping her hand there, she came off my cock with each thrust so that my prick head violated her lips each time she came down.

Eventually, she pulled my foreskin down the head until it was rolled at the base of the head. She reacted to this extra roll of skin as if it were a french tickler. It felt like it went in with a pop, each time, and she obviously enjoyed the sensation.

I licked her nipples alternatively, and fingered whichever one I wasn't licking, while she bounced on my cock, expertly. She finally said "Oh... God!" and pushed her bottom down as firmly as she could to make my entire 6 inch cock go completely into her. She was so small and thin, I imagined I was hitting the base of her stomach, but obviously her cunt was long enough to take it.

She squeezed my cock mightily with her cunt muscles, and went limp, bringing her head down against the back of my head, which was attached to her tits. That squeeze on my cock brought me to orgasm, and I, just slightly behind her, came again in three spurts. Each time I spurted, she groaned, "Again."

Holding my head in place, so that I could continue to lick her erect nipples, she said "I never knew it could be so intense, so beautiful. It was never that good with my brother. Please, can we do it again? My brother is circumcised, and your cock feels better than his."

"You drained me twice. If I even try, my cock will be so sore, I won't be able to walk. I have to get you home and go sneak into bed. I will have been gone an hour on what should have been ten minutes round trip."

"Okay, but don't put your cock away, let me keep it in my mouth to my house, so your last memory of me is how good I felt, okay?"

I am no fool. I wanted her to have her mouth transplanted onto my cock. So, for the three remaining blocks, she sucked my semi-rigid cock, and at her driveway, she took her panties which she was holding, dried off my cock, and pushed them into my face playfully.

"Next time, you eat me, okay?"

"Sure thing." I said and drove away.

When I got home, I quietly slid into bed. My wife's warm hand found my cock, and pulling on it she said "C'mon, Tiger. I am so happy with what we have done, I want you to fuck me to death."

She couldn't see the pain on my face, but my cock did its part and got hard again when she put it in her mouth and slowly licked and sucked. She did say I tasted funny, but made no more of it, and I did fuck the shit out of her. This time I was doing the pushing, and it did last longer than most other times, much to my wife's delight, because she was able to come to orgasm three times before I shot a much smaller load than she was used to. Her cunt felt softer than usual and bigger. I assume my cock was comparing spaces it had recently been in, and my wife was bigger in the cunt than Krista.

Both women were great fucks that night, but I was very sore throughout the next day.

Unfortunately, I never had the chance to have Krista again. I saw her few time when she came to visit, and although she implied that she wanted it, the opportunity never seemed to materialize.