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Francesca's New Life

by v_trellis

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of public sex between a hot cougar and younger man

The morning after she sold her graphics design business for a sum large enough that she could comfortably retire, Francesca Weaver looked at herself naked in the mirror and considered what she wanted to do with herself, and her life. She was forty-two, married but childless, and she and her husband Edward led mostly separate lives. Her looks were undiminished, and though she had never been conventionally beautiful, she knew she was sexually attractive, with high cheekbones and an aquiline, regal profile. In her stocking feet she stood nearly six feet, with long light-brown hair she usually pulled back into a patrician ponytail. Her 34C breasts and her ass might have sagged a little, but only a little, and her exercise regimen kept them in shape.

In her youth Francesca might have been considered a little on the scrawny side, but she was now merely slim. Oh, her youth, she thought. Her wild, lusty youth.

She raised her arms above her head lazily, and admired her smooth, sleek body. After years of shaving and waxing, she had indulged in laser treatments that gave her a form utterly free of body hair: not under her arms, nor on her legs, nor on or around her delectable pussy and ass.

She liked what she saw. And she was determined that many others would see it, and like it, and enjoy it also.

When she was a teenager, and later in college, Francesca had discovered that she had an enormous appetite for sex. It was an appetite that no one boy could satisfy, and though she was a bright and very successful student, she turned into the wild child after the books were closed. In junior high she discovered how much boys loved hand jobs, and then how much more they loved blow jobs. Her virginity was lost at fifteen to a cousin at a church camp. She fucked half the boys in her high school class, and many of her teachers. It was delicious, illicit joy. When there was no cock available to give her eager pussy an orgasm, her fingers did the job, or the fingers or lips of another girl. She was a slut and she loved it. She also loved to show herself, and sunbathed naked whenever she got the chance, especially if there was the possibility that others could watch her.

But then, in the latter half of college, came Edward, and she fell in love.

Edward was smart, ambitious, and good-looking. Their sex life was satisfying if unadventurous. But their relationship was based in the mind and spirit, and a mutual drive for achievement. Both of them knew they could become a power couple, and so they did. After graduation Edward pursued an MBA while Francesca began her design business, and they married. They worked hard, they succeeded, they owned an expensive house and beautiful things. Still ... Francesca began to wonder if it had been worthwhile to sacrifice her carnal ways for the stability of her marriage and the material world.

Edward's business often took him away, and his physical interest in her dropped off to nearly nothing. Francesca wanted to have children, but discovered that she could not. That was the first great blow. The second was when she realized Edward was gay, and though he loved her, his sex life was with men and boys.

So she dedicated herself to her career, and thought about taking lovers on the side. Many men of her own social station were intimidated by her success, however, and others by her height. Still, she had enough sex to get by. But only enough to get by.

Out of the blue had come an offer to buy her business for more than she thought it was worth, a small fortune. And she hesitated only briefly before saying yes.

She bought herself a vacation home in a resort town on the southern coast, on the beach, where many young people gathered, and decided to find her own youth again. Francesca now devoted herself to her own pleasure.

She wanted all the sex she could get. In particular, she wanted young cocks.

Her wardrobe and closets were filled with beautiful clothes, but Francesca found herself wearing little but beachwear, the skimpiest and most revealing she could acquire. She loved to go out wearing nothing but one her colorful, nearly transparent pareos, which she could tie around her in various interesting ways, with a slim gold chain around her hips and sandals on her feet.

On a walk on the beach one day early in her new residency, she came upon a young man who seemed to find her worth watching. He was well-built, sandy-haired, and about five-foot-eight. Francesca found a beach recliner and lay down to watch the waves. Her pareo was tied so that she was bare on one side from above her hip, making it obvious she had nothing on under it, and the breeze blew it up to reveal her nudity further.

The boy took a brief swim, then lay down on the sand near her. His eyes scarcely left her. After a while, she rose and stood over him, crooking a finger. "Follow me," she said, and he did.

She led him behind some trees back from the beach, and fixed him with her eyes. "What's your name?" she asked.


"And how old are you, Jasper?"


Francesca smiled. "You like looking at me, don't you, Jasper?" He seemed a little uncertain of what he should say, but nodded. She drew back her pareo so that she was quite naked in front. "I like looking at you, too. You're a very handsome young man. But you can see more of me than I can of you. It's a little unfair." He looked questioningly at her.

"So why don't you take off your shorts for me, Jasper? I'd love to see your cock." He realized she was serious, and he nodded again, and pushed his board shorts down to his ankles. "That's a lovely cock, Jasper. Very long and thick. Do you know what I'd really like?

"I want you to play with yourself for me. I'd like you to jack yourself off. For me. Right here. Please."

He looked directly into her blue eyes, and his hand went to his cock. It was already becoming erect, and he started to stroke it. Francesca drew a deep breath as she leaned a hand on one hip, and slowly caressed her own pussy with the other. "No touching right now, Jasper. Just masturbate. I bet you love to play with yourself, don't you, and you do it all the time, looking at porn." He jacked his cock faster, looking intently at her, less than two feet away.

"Stroke it for me, baby. I want to see you cum." She loved hearing the sound of the words as they came from her lips. He moved closer and reached toward her. "No," she said, "not yet, not this time. Just fucking jack your cock for me. Show me how hard you can cum."

Jasper's fingers were a blur as he jacked himself, and he started to breathe quickly and heavily. Then he came. It was a fast, thick, spurt of semen, then another, and then another, landing on Francesca's belly. In a minute he had stopped, and the cum began to drip down her.

Francesca stifled a gasp of pleasure. She reached down with her fingers and scooped it up, and licked her fingers clean. "Mmm," she said. She dabbed the rest away with her pareo.

"Oh, my. I'll have to go home and change now," she said, and quickly turned to walk away. She looked back over her shoulder at Jasper, still with his trunks around his feet.

"By the way, my name is Francesca. I live near here. Please come and visit me, and ... bring your friends."

Later that same day, Francesca was preparing to sunbathe on a lounge next to her small in-deck pool. Her pareo was loosely knotted at her waist, and she was barefoot. A movement caught her eye, and she spotted a boy she did not know peeping over the fence. He was handsome, rather short, tanned and tow-headed. He looked no more than fifteen. "Come here, boy," she called, feigning indignation.

He came around the fence looking worried. She gestured him to come to her, then dropped the pretense of irritation. Francesca smiled down at him with her wide mouth and dark blue eyes. She leaned over and kissed his lips, caressing his neck "Don't worry," she said. "Don't worry about anything. Don't think about anything. I don't even want to know your name.

"Because all I want from you is your sex." She breathed that last word close to his face. She drew her fingers down his bare chest to the top of his shorts, and undid the top string. She pushed them down, and he moved slightly so that she could push them all the way, and she stooped for a second to pull them off over his bare feet. She rose again, pausing to examine his cock, growing stiff and fat despite his anxiety. "My, my, you're quite a grown-up young man. And I'm definitely a grown-up woman. And I want that hard, thick young cock. In my sweet cunt."

The boy was breathing heavily, dry-mouthed, unable to speak, but quite aroused. Francesca pushed him onto the lounge chair. He lay back as her soft fingers massaged his cock, and caressed his balls, then bent over to take the cockhead in her lips. She sucked it lovingly, and ran her tongue down its length. It was already standing up straight from the boy's groin, rising from its pubic thatch. It was about six-and-a-half inches in length, very fat, and tapering toward a circumcised glans. She gently, firmly, lovingly masturbated him. Her face came close to his cock, and her tongue reached out to lick its length. She sighed, taking in its masculine scent. Her lips moved over the head, and she slowly took it in her mouth, kissing and sucking, making sure it was well wetted; and she licked his balls, taking each into her mouth, before returning to suck the length of his manhood.

Then she rose, staring lustfully in his eyes. She untied the loose knot that held her pareo in place, and it fell off as she moved her leg over to straddle him.

Her pussy was already very wet. She watched him stare at the smooth, hairless nakedness of her cunt as she parted her labia and skillfully inserted him into her, and she sank, and he penetrated her deeply.

"Ooohh," she moaned. "Your cock feels so fucking good. So fucking good inside me." Francesca relished the sensation, feeling wonderfully alive, and she rocked, fucking the boy's cock slowly.

She felt the warmth of the afternoon sunlight on her back as she leaned forward to caress his arms and his chest, covered with a sprinkling of hair, and played with his nipples. It was so thrilling to be doing this in the open air, where her fence gave scant protection from any eyes that might be watching them. Her heart exulted in the possibility that she could be seen, wantonly screwing a boy young enough to be her son, indulging her wicked lust.

The boy was moving underneath her, thrusting his hips, breathing heavily. This was his first sexual experience, and his excitement built quickly. Francesca saw this, and masturbated her clit to increase her own arousal. "Mmm," she said, "I'll bet you're getting close." He nodded.

Francesca moved faster, and so did the boy. Sweat trickled down between her breasts. The boy suddenly looked directly at her, his eyes widening, as he started to ejaculate. His cock shot a powerful blast of semen deep in her vagina, and then another. Francesca felt it, and it triggered her own orgasm. She uttered a guttural moan, and quivered as she gave herself over to the heavenly sensation inside her body.

When her breathing quieted, she leaned down to kiss the boy's mouth, and his cock slipped out of her. The cum ran out of her pussy and down her inner thigh, and she slowly stepped away.

"Thank you, my young lover," she said. "What's your name?"


"It was so nice to make love with you, Kevin. You can go now, but come back whenever you like." She stepped to her pool and went in to wash herself.

As the days went on, Francesca amused herself by taking walks through the resort town, occasionally wearing a bikini top in addition to her sarong, but often with nothing but the pareo tied so that her breasts and pussy were at least technically covered—unless she moved a bit, or a breeze blew. She attracted a great deal of attention, and some muttered complaints from women, but none from men. She was struck by the large number of teenagers there, either partying in groups or vacationing with parents. Francesca always gave them a smile, both boys and girls, and got to know many of them. They began to visit her at her home, and she made sure to give loving instruction in the ways of carnality.

There was Philip, who came with his girlfriend Jen, both of them college students. Philip was a tall, strongly built boy, with brown skin and thick, wavy dark hair. Francesca found him very attractive, but at the moment he seemed to be bound to Jen. She, in contrast, appeared to be a lively free spirit, and she liked to show herself. She was a petite brunette of about five-foot-two, with short hair and a neatly trimmed brown pubic patch that she readily displayed when Francesca invited the couple to disrobe along with her on her deck. Jen lounged along the railing that faced the beach, casting her eyes out in hopes that passersby were watching her. Francesca found her a woman after her own heart.

It took little coaxing to get Philip and Jen to make love while Francesca looked on, and she especially enjoyed seeing Philip's buttocks clenching and unclenching as he thrust inside Jen's pussy.

Then there were Nicholas and Evan, both still in high school, a gay couple who were still discovering how to relate sexually with each other. Francesca loved their beautiful young male bodies, and after plying them with wine she got them to strip naked for her so she could at least stroke their fine forms. They both had nice cocks, and Francesca was happy to assist them in carefully shaving off all their pubic hair. Nicholas also decided to shave his armpits and what little hair he had on his chest, but he left his budding moustache. Francesca thought they looked adorable, and in the end she induced them to stand over her while she licked and sucked them alternately. She glanced above her to see them embracing and kissing sweetly, as she played with their cocks and rubbed them against each other, caressing their balls, until first Nicholas shot off, and then Evan, leaving Francesca delighted as her mouth and face were covered with the combined flow of their cum. She licked as much off as she could, as the boys looked into each other's eyes and kissed again.

It was inevitable that some in her new neighborhood would begin to take notice of how Francesca was conducting herself and raise objections. One afternoon she answered the door to find Diane, who introduced herself as a part-time reporter for the local paper. Francesca invited her in and offered her a glass of wine.

Diane was middle-aged, blonde, and quite attractive, with hair that fell to just above her shoulders. She was about five-foot six and wore a wedding ring; slim, with a comfortably padded ass, wearing a button-front sleeveless blouse and shorts. They sat in the living room, the French doors of which were opened onto the deck.

"I hope you don't take offense at my questions," Diane said, "but as a wife and mother and a concerned citizen, I think they're fair."

"Oh, they are," Francesca told her. "And I hope you aren't offended by my honesty. I like enjoying my body and wearing as little as possible, as you no doubt know. I enjoy young people, especially young men, and I love taking pleasure with them."

"So does that mean you..."

"Yes, it does, and I intend to go on doing it."

Francesca saw that, although Diane had opened a notebook, she had taken no notes. "I see," Diane responded, but her mind seemed to be elsewhere, and her eyes were focused inward.

"You're a woman of a certain age, like me," Francesca said. "Surely you find handsome young men still attractive, and you still desire them. But society's mores tell you such desires must be hidden away, not thought of, not acted upon. I have walked away from such mores."

"I, I, I'm a mother, I..." Diane stammered.

At that moment Francesca heard a noise, and saw that her young friend Kevin had entered the house, as he was free to do. He had started toward them, then hesitated and fell back.

"Come here, love," Francesca said. "Diane, do you know Kevin? He and I have become great friends."

Diane was startled and her face reddened. "Yes, yes, I do, uh ... He's a neighbor of ours. He sometimes mows our lawn." Kevin smiled.

"Hi, Mrs. Atkins," Kevin said. "Yeah, I sure do. It's especially great when you sunbathe while I do it."

Francesca smiled. "Why, Diane, I'll bet Kevin really likes seeing you sunbathing, and that you don't mind being seen, either. Do you do it in the nude?

"Of course not!"

"That's too bad. It's always better to be sexily nude when lying out in the sun." She considered a second. "Diane, do you know what a wonderful cock young Kevin has? Have you seen it?"

Diane turned very red, and took a deep breath. She shook her head no.

"Oh, but you should. Kevin, please show Mrs. Atkins your cock."

Kevin smiled shyly, then pulled his t-shirt off, pushed down his shorts, and stepped out of them. His thick young cock was partially erect. Diane was still flushed, but she did not avert her eyes.

"Isn't it a beautiful cock, Diane? I can see you find it so, too. And you know what Kevin can do with his cock?" Diane shook her head meekly, still transfixed by Kevin's nude maleness. "He can cum like a fucking fire hose. He shoots a huge wad, and then he can do it again. Youth is so amazing." Diane opened her mouth as if to say something, but nothing came out.

Francesca looked at them both. "Kevin, I bet you've jacked yourself off many times thinking about Mrs. Atkins, haven't you? Maybe even close by, when you thought she couldn't see you?"

"Oh, yeah, I have," he admitted. "I think she's hot."

Francesca smiled. "Why don't you show her how much she arouses you, and how much you can cum for her?"

Kevin's hand went to his stiffening cock, and began to masturbate while watching Diane. She breathed heavily, shaking her head slightly, but her eyes never left him. Kevin's thick cock thrust out toward her as he stroked it faster, and his breathing quickened.

"Uh, oh yeah," he said. "Fuck, yeah. Here it comes." And he continued to stroke while he ejaculated a heavy stream of cum toward Diane, which flew across the few feet between them and spattered on the deck at her feet. He shot off another big spurt, and then dribbled a bit more.

Francesca could smell the scent of Diane's arousal. She had been right about her. "How long has it been since your pussy has been eaten, Diane? Quite a while, probably. Well, Kevin is also very good at that, and I think he'd love to do it." She stepped over to Diane, who just looked up at her helplessly, as Francesca undid Diane's shorts and pulled them off along with her panties. She was pleased to see that Diane's pussy hair was trimmed, and that she was a natural blonde. "Slide forward in your chair, Diane, and spread your legs for Kevin."

Kevin needed no prompting, and he knelt in front of Diane's opened thighs, as he expertly leant forward and used his tongue to please his neighbor lady's labia. Diane sighed, and Kevin kissed and nibbled her clitoris. He inserted a finger, then two, into her vagina, and did his best to pleasure her internal channel, then again used his tongue and fingers to make love to Diane's pussy. Diane was murmuring, "Yes ... yes..." as she undid the buttons of her blouse, then the front closure of her bra, and shrugged them off, so she could play with her own pink nipples.

"Oh ... oh ... oh my God," Diane shuddered as she came. She looked at Kevin, and tried to say something. "I don't... I mean... I can't say what... Oh God."

Francesca had removed her own clothing, and had caressed herself while watching. She leaned her head close to Diane, and kissed her lightly on the lips. "Diane," she whispered, "Kevin is hard again." She stepped back, and Kevin raised up in front of Diane's splayed cunt. He positioned his hefty cockhead at her entrance, and entered her.

Diane's face was a mixture of emotions, with lust and fear battling. "Oh, no," she whimpered, as he grasped her hips and began sliding in and out of her. "I'm a wife, a mother, and you're, you're ... Oh God! Oh! Fuck me! Fuck me, Kevin!"

He did, and filled her pussy with a good load of sperm.

When they were finished, Diane stood and dressed herself hurriedly. She looked deeply at both Francesca and Kevin, but said nothing. She left her notebook behind. Its pages were empty.

With the vacation season ending, Francesca knew that many of her new friends would be leaving and going back to school. So she decided to throw a party to show her appreciation and to provide sufficient recreational opportunity that they would want to return to her little salon. She took delight in planning the setting: on her deck, with the French doors to her living room open in the warm evening air, and with romantic lighting sensual music to set the mood. She also made sure there was lots of good food, beer, and wine.

After her guests arrived, Francesca looked around at them, very pleased with the turnout and proud of having become intimately acquainted with so many good-looking young people. They wore beachwear, t-shirts or camp shirts with shorts for the boys, and the girls in halter tops and shorts. Francesca thought to herself that she needed to encourage them to shed some of the clothes, and hoped that the beer and wine would help with that. Philip was there, and so was Jen, but they seemed to have had a tiff, and Jen was spending her time flirting outrageously with a well-tanned shirtless boy named Brad. Brad was doing his best to rid Jen of her top, and Jen was doing nothing to stop him.

Francesca looked for Kevin but he was not in evidence, and she surmised that he was spending a lot of quality time with Diane Atkins these days.

Francesca ran her hands over the special outfit she had chosen for herself, a very low-cut mini-dress in black with practically no back and slits that came up over her hip bones. It was obvious that she wore nothing underneath it. Even though she was six feet tall, she wore backless high-heeled pumps on her feet, and she was confident that she looked every bit a whore.

She put on some slow music with a heavy beat, went over to Philip, and said, "I think we should dance. I've been wanting to dance with you."

She took his hand and led him into the middle of the floor, and began a slow, close dance with him, showing him where to put his hands on her bare back. They swayed together while the others began to watch, and another couple joined them in dancing. Francesca kicked off her shoes so that she and Philip were about the same height, then she put her arms around his neck and kissed him fully on the mouth. Her tongue played with his, and her hands caressed his broad back.

Francesca maneuvered them toward the end of the couch, reaching up with one hand to untie the string that held her dress around her neck. It came loose, and she shrugged the dress down and stepped out of it to dance naked in front of Philip. Everyone was watching now.

Francesca swayed her hips sexily before Philip, grinding up against him. She could tell his cock was aroused. She bent in to kiss him deeply again, unbuttoned his shirt, and removed it from his shoulders. It dropped near her dress.

Put of the corner of her eye Francesca saw Jen, also watching, who was now topless and sucking Brad's cock. Francesca smiled, seeing the other youngsters behaving similarly, as she undid Philip's shorts. She pushed them and his underpants down to the floor, and Philip's massive cock was revealed. He had trimmed his pubic hair to a short patch above his cock. Francesca knelt down and took it in her mouth, and made wet oral love to it. Philip held her head tenderly as she fellated him.

Then she rose and backed up to the arm of the couch, leaned back and spread her legs wantonly. "Come and fuck me, Philip," she breathed. "I've been wanting you to fuck me for so long."

Philip needed no further encouragement. He went to her and she gently helped his cock penetrate her wet pussy. He moved into her, and she braced herself on the couch arm so that she could wrap her legs around his ass as he fucked her.

Francesca threw her head back, feeling glorious. She could imagine no finer thing than being fucked in public by this handsome young stud. She pressed against him with her breasts as he thrust and bucked inside her.

"Oh, God, yes," she said. "Fuck me baby. Fuck me like a man. I want to cum with you so everyone can see." She moved her hips in rhythm with his thrusting, and soon it was apparent that Philip was going to erupt. "Do it, baby," she cried. "I'm ready. Fill me up."

"Oh, uh, uh," he muttered, as his cock shot a stream of cum into her cunt. Finally, he withdrew, and the cum ran down Francesca's inner thigh. She stuck a finger in it and licked it off, making a purring sound.

Francesca looked around and saw that the others had joined in: everyone was nude, and those who were not fucking were openly masturbating while they watched. Jen was bent over on the floor while Brad pounded her pussy from behind. A young girl called Lara had her fingers buried busily in her own pussy.

Francesca led the way to the in-deck pool, and relaxed in its cooling waters. Some of the others joined her. Jen sauntered by, the lips of her little cunt looking decidedly red and puffy, and smiled knowingly at Francesca.

The party went on for a while longer, but Francesca contented herself with watching the young folks fuck and cavort. She went on the deck and looked up at the stars, and sighed.

It was going to be a good life here.