Neat Stories

The neatest of sex stories around


by Jean D'Amour

Right after my wife died, my oldest daughter, Annie, who was thirteen at the time, came and climbed into my bed one night and gave me the surprise of my life.

"I know all about fucking and stuff, and I know that since Mama isn't here anymore, you need someone else. Since I' gonna go out and get it done to me pretty soon anyway, I thought that I should just take Mama's place in your bed."

I was too stunned to say anything, and before I could react, she had pulled off her nightgown and was snuggling her naked little body up against me. My body, or should I say one particular part of my body, betrayed me completely, and before I knew it I was on top of my little girl pounding my prick into her cunt.

The bloody mess on the sheets between her legs sort of scared me, but she told me that I hadn't really hurt her that bad and that after I really got going filling her little belly with my hot cock meat that she really loved it.

That was just the beginning. Annie slept in my bed every night after that and she became my eager student learning every sort of naughty game I knew. Unlike her mother, she actually enjoyed getting a mouthful of my cum, telling me that sucking my cock was her favorite pastime. And we hadn't been at it for three weeks when she talked me into having her in the ass.

Of course it didn't take the other two girls very long to figure out that something was going on. The little minxes, nine and eleven, hid themselves in the master bedroom closet one night and got a complete show of their sister getting fucked in her cunt, mouth, and asshole.

Megan, the middle girl, confronted me the very next day and demanded that she be allowed to play, too. I wouldn't do it though. I put my foot down and told both of the younger girls that I wouldn't break their cherries until they were twelve. They both begged and pleaded so pitifully that I did relent a little. I allowed Annie to give her sisters cocksucking lessons using my prick as a training aid.

Megan's birthday came two months later and true to my word, I tore her hymen for her while both of her sisters watched. It was right after Megan's first time that I taught the girls about the games girls can play with each other.

I went out and bought a huge California King bed so that all four of us could sleep together and that's what we did every night after that.

We sort of fell into a routine from then on; I would do Annie while Megan and Emily did a sixty-nine one night, and then it would be Megan's turn to be with me. Saturday mornings, I would get a blowjob from each of them. Emily, even though she was the youngest, turned out to be the best cocksucker of the bunch. That little dickens could suck a dead man hard again.

Two years passed since I had opened Megan, and Emily's twelfth birthday was upon us. We had a big party with cake and ice cream, and I even let the girls have a glass of wine each. The evening went by very quickly and it was soon time for what Emily had been calling her 'big birthday present'. She loved telling me that my cock was really big even though it is really just average sized - and she knew it from some of the porn the four of us would look at from time to time.

Her sisters got her nice and hot with their lips and tongues before holding her legs wide apart and guiding my prick into her still hairless little girl slit. I pushed right up and felt her hymen give way. She cried a lot because it really stung, but she was pretty brave for all of that. She told me the big load of cum that I squirted in her little belly was very soothing. One thing I can say for sure, Emily has the hottest and tightest cunt of the three. That's not to say that I don't love fucking each of them.

That's really the problem now. I love fucking my girls, but there is only one of me and I can't seem to keep the three randy cunts satisfied.

I came home from work one day and stepped into the middle of a terrible argument. The three of them were about to come to blows about whose turn it was to get fucked that evening.

"Whoa, ladies. Now is this the way sisters are supposed to behave with each other? I don't suppose you would like to tell me what the problem is?"

"Annie's a meanie. She says that she should get more of your cock because she is the oldest. That's not fair!" Emily protested.

"Hmmm... I think I understand the problem. Well, I tell you what, I've got that bonus money, and four weeks of vacation on the books at work. I'm going to go buy a motor-home and we are all going on vacation."

"Oh, what kind of vacation, Daddy?" Megan cried.

"Girls, we are going on Fuckfari."

"Fuckfari? What's that?" Annie asked.

"It's like a Safari, but instead of wild game, we are going out in search of as many nice fat cocks for you girls to fuck and suck that we can find. That's a Fuckfari."

Suffice it to say all three girls were ecstatic about the idea. Three days later, we were off on the road.

We hadn't gotten very far when we had a flat tire. We were out in the middle of the desert between LA and Las Vegas, and pretty much stuck. The jack and tools that we had really weren't sufficient to change a tire on the huge RV I had purchased, so we were just standing out on the side of the road wondering what to do.

We were only there about twenty minutes when one of those big-rig tow trucks stopped and the driver, a rather handsome young fellow in his late twenties, got out.

"Can I give you folks a hand?"

I explained our problem, and he went right to work. He had that tire changed in about fifteen minutes and was about to get back in his truck and leave.

"Um, wait a minute there," I said, "don't I owe you something for your trouble?"

"Nah, I couldn't take anything from you folks."

That made me remember that just before he had stopped, Emily had complained about being hungry. "Well, we were just about to fix our lunch. The least we could do is have you join us."

He thought for a moment, and then said, "Sure."

Annie made sandwiches and I got him a cold beer. He told us his name was Sam, and I introduced the three girls and myself. I explained that their mother had passed away and the four of us comprised our whole family now.

"Well, they sure are pretty young ladies, I must say," he said as he finished his beer, "and mighty good cooks, too."

"You really think we are pretty?" Megan asked.

"I certainly do, little one."

"Daddy?" Annie looked at me questioningly.

I smiled back at her and then turned to Sam, "My friend, I have something to tell you about our little family. Ever since their mother died, I've been fucking my Annie here, and as each of the others turned twelve, I've started doing them too. But now that all three of them are old enough, I can't keep up with the horny little cunts. How would you like to have a go with them?"

"H... h... have a go?"

"Sure, pick one out and give her a good hard fucking."

"Oh, god yes! I would love that!"

I nodded to Annie, and she started to do a little strip dance. The other two followed her lead and the three of them were completely naked before anyone knew what was happening. The girls all posed in various positions, bending over with their butt cheeks pulled apart, on their backs with their thighs spread wide, and standing facing him cupping what titties they did have.

"Well, there you are, Sam. Three tight little cunts, three even tighter little assholes, and three very eager mouths, take your pick."

"I - I - I can fuck any one I want?"

"You can fuck all three of them if you can get it up often enough before you have to go. 'Course, when you have to go is completely up to you. If you can stay long enough, you are welcome to all nine holes as often as you like."

He started with Megan, taking her doggy style while Annie spread his ass cheeks and rimmed him and Emily reached underneath her to rub her sister's clitty while Sam's prick pushed in and out.

After he pumped a big load of his hot spunk into Megan's little sheath, Emily cleaned his cock with her mouth.

"Mmm, yum! I can taste Megan on your big prick, Mr. Sam."

He was hard again in no time, and gave Emily the benefit of his newly erected cock right up into her little girl pussy. Annie sucked his second load from Emily's cunt as soon as his deflating cock had slipped from the tight pre-teen opening.

Just as the girls were about to work him up to a third go, his radio crackled and he had to leave on another dispatch. Before he left, he gave us his address in a little town about 75 miles up the road.

Later that night, Sam came to the door of the RV that was parked in front of his house, and invited us in. I made the girls do the cooking and washing up while Sam and I enjoyed a couple of cold ones.

"So, Sam, are you interested in doing any of my girls in their ass?"

"Yeah, that would be hot, especially that little Megan!

"Well, if you don't mind getting kinda close to another guy while you are fucking, I'd like to be in her cunt while you fuck ass. They all three love that one, even though we've only done it with my cock and one of those dildo things."

"Hey, sounds like fun. The other two aren't gonna be mad if I show a preference for Megan, are they?

"Nah, there'll be plenty of fucking for all of them before this trip is over."

Well, we stayed up pretty late and managed to give each of the girls a cunt/ass doublefuck, and each time we finished one, she had her holes licked out clean by her sisters. We were able to sleep in a little the next morning since Sam didn't have to get to work until eleven AM.

The girls fixed breakfast and then shared a blowjob. Annie was the lucky one who got to swallow Sam's last warm creamy emission.

We got on the road again right away and headed out toward Las Vegas. Once there we parked the RV and got a couple of rooms in a nice hotel. The girls weren't old enough to go into the casinos, but I let them have a couple of rolls of quarters each for some video games and I went out to play a little blackjack.

The table was pretty good to me and I was up a couple of hundred, so I went off in search of the girls figuring to get us a meal. As the girls and I were heading for the buffet line, we saw a guy leaning up against the wall with a worried look on his face.

I just walked up to him and asked him what his problem was, and he explained that he was down to his last hundred bucks and couldn't decide what to do.

"I want to gamble some more, but if I lose it, I won't have any money for," he paused, and looked at my girls. Then he continued, "a little companionship later, if you know what I mean," winking at me.

I invited him to come eat a meal with us, on me, and told him I had the perfect solution to his problem. After we ate, the girls and I took him up to our rooms and the girls did a strip for him.

"There you go, fuck to your heart's content. There's plenty of pussy to go around and the girls will just love it. Save your money to gamble with, and if you win, then come back up and give them a little bit of it. Otherwise, they will just be happy to have had a good fucking from you."

He was flabbergasted, but that didn't stop him from stripping naked and having Annie in the cunt, Megan in the mouth, and little Emily in the ass before he was through. He got up, got dressed, and very politely thanked the girls for the fun.

The next morning, just before we were about to check out, he knocked on our door. He explained that he had parlayed his hundred in to four thousand. He gave each of the girls a hundred, and tried to give me a hundred too, but I declined. He thanked us again and left.

We had breakfast and got right on the road again. Nothing much happened that day and into the next, but that second evening we pulled into a campsite for the evening. Turns out we had picked a spot right near a group of boy scouts.

I went over and talked to the Scout leader for a couple of minutes and invited him back to the motor home for a cold beer. I introduced him to the girls and we sat for a while and chatted. He, like everyone else we had met on our trip so far, thought my three girls were little hotties. I could tell the girls liked him, so I offered him to take his pick of cunts.

He didn't have to be asked twice, and was naked and into Annie's cunt almost before I knew what was happening. He had a nice fat cock that really filled Annie good. She came several times before he unloaded his cum into her. Megan cleaned his cock with her mouth when he was done, and Emily sucked the cream out of her older sister's cunt.

"Wow, your girls really are hot. Thanks, that was the best fuck I've had in a long time."

"So how many boys are in your group?"

"There's nine of them, and me. That's it."

"Hmm," I pondered, "have they earned their Fucking merit badge yet?"

He laughed out loud, "No, they haven't. I wonder where I could find some girls that would be willing?"

Both of us laughed when my three girls all yelled in unison, "Right here! Right here!"

We all went back over to the boys' campsite and Todd, the scout leader, announced, "Well gentlemen, we have a very special merit badge for you all to earn tonight. Ladies?"

The girls stripped off their clothes and posed naked for the boys. You could see their young cocks tenting their trousers and shorts while they looked at the girls, each other, and then back at the girls.

"If you guys are going to be proper gentlemen, you need to strip off and let the ladies see what you have, after all they have been nice enough to show you their lovely bodies."

All nine boys got undressed quickly, and soon they were all standing in a line with their slender juvenile cocks sticking straight out in front of them. Only a couple of them had any hair around their cocks yet, but all of them were sporting very respectably sized hard-ons for their age.

Todd took charge of his troop, "Ok, come to attention. Now count off by threes."

"One, two, three, one, two, three, one, two, three."

"Good, now, Annie, please step forward."

Annie stepped up beside Todd and the scoutmaster pointed to her mouth and said, "One." He identified her cunt as two and then had her turn around and bend over so that he could point to her asshole when he said, "Three."

"Ok, twos come forward and lie on your backs."

The three boys so designated got on their backs and Todd motioned for the girls to climb on the three stiff-standing cocks. Once the girls had impaled themselves, he said, "Now hold still girls, you can start moving in a couple of minutes. Wait for me to say 'Go'."

"Ok, now threes, step forward."

He and I guided the threes on how to get into the girls' assholes. When all three boys were well seated in the girls' back passages, we motioned for the remaining boys to come up and put their pricks into the girls' mouths.

"Ok, Go!" Todd yelled, and all nine boys started thrusting in and out of my three daughters.

I could see by the expression on their faces that this would be a fuck to remember.

One by one, the boys started spewing their seed into the soft wet opening he occupied. As soon as all three of Annie's fuckers were finished, she got up and went back to the RV returning with a basin of warm, soapy water and three washcloths. Each of the girls washed their assfuckers' cocks, just in case there was to be more fucking.

It wasn't long before all nine boy-cocks were stiff again, so Todd told them that the ones are now twos, the twos are threes, and the threes are ones.

The girls didn't have to be asked twice, all of them were eager to get another bout of triple fucking. Since the boys had taken the edge off of their appetite, the second bout lasted a little longer. All three of the girls came twice before they got filled with the boys' spunk.

We all sat around the campfire after that and told stories until the boys were able to get hard a third time. Once again, the numbers shifted so that the mouthfucker on the first round, who was the cuntfucker on the second round, became the assfucker at last.

After the last bout, we all hit the sack for a well-deserved rest.

The three girls got up early and went over to the boy's camp first thing in the morning. They cooked the boys a nice breakfast and then gave the troop a round of blowjobs before we said goodbye and got on our way.

Two days later found us in farm country. We had taken a country road just as a change of pace from the interstate highway, but I hadn't paid attention to my gas gauge. The RV sputtered to a stop right in front of an old, but well maintained farmhouse.

I went up and explained my difficulties to the middle-aged farmer who answered the door. He sent his son, a fine strapping boy of about seventeen, to the barn to get us a couple gallons of gasoline. His slightly younger wife, probably in her late thirties, was very friendly, insisting that we stay for a meal and a night's rest.

The girls were delighted with the invitation, hoping that they might get a chance to sample the rather prominent lump in the farmer's son's overalls.

As the evening progressed, it became quite apparent that the farmer was the lord and master of his castle. Both his wife and son obeyed his every command without hesitation. A little later in the evening, I remarked quietly to him that it appeared that whatever he said in this house was law.

"That's right, son."

"I would imagine that if you took it in mind to enjoy the charms of one of my daughters, you would do it without fear of any sort of retribution from your wife."

"You're right there, son. In fact, the only thing keeping me from tapping a little of that oldest one of yours right this minute is that you are a guest in my house, and I would never think of touching a guest's belongings without permission."

"My oldest, you say? Annie, come over here."

"Yes, Papa?"

"Strip naked, dear. Farmer Jones here would like to take his pleasure in you."

"Yes, Papa, right away, Papa."

Annie stripped off her clothes and waited for Farmer Jones to tell her what he wanted her to do. He grabbed the back of her head and pulled it down to his crotch. He had already unfastened his overalls and his very fat prick was sticking out. He pushed her head and she gobbled it right into her mouth.

"Well, now, you have a right talented little girl there."

"Thanks. Say do you mind if my other two have a little fun with your son?"

"No, not at all. Henry, you get yourself stripped and make sure you keep your little guests happy."

"Sure, Pa, I'll fuck 'em both hard and long!"

"Good boy. Say there, you're left out. Annabelle, get on over here, strip naked and give our guest a nice blowjob and a fuck. Hurry up, woman, before I go get the strap."

We all fucked the night away. Both Farmer Jones and his son fucked all three of my girls and got blown by all three of them. I fucked Annabelle in her cunt and mouth twice each. And the four women had a circle-suck right after each of the cunts had a load of cum in them.

The next morning, after a really great breakfast, the girls took turns sucking off Farmer Jones and his son, and Annabelle swallowed a load of my jizz before licking each one of my girls to a nice cum. After promises to visit again soon, we made our goodbyes and got back on the road.

It was time to start heading back in the direction of home, so we got back on the interstate and headed back towards the mountains. Two nights later, we were in the same campground where we had the encounter with the Boy Scout troop. This time, we pulled in next to an RV just about the same size as ours. It was quite late when we pulled in, so we all just turned in.

The next morning, I got up very early and went out to take a look around. As I passed near our neighbor RV, I heard some grunting and moaning, just like the sound of two people fucking. I took a peek in the side window, and there was a very attractive woman just about my age, clad only in a thin robe. She was bent over the dining table, her robe pulled up exposing her completely naked ass, and a young man of sixteen or seventeen with his pants down around his ankles was plowing a huge erect cock into her apparently very eager cunt.

As I watched, I could start to make out what they were saying.

"Ung, god, Mom, you have such a hot juicy cunt. Fuck! I'm gonna blow my load right up your fucking HOLE!"

The rapid jerking of his hips and the sudden hard thrust held deeply inside of her signaled that he had spent. He had called her 'Mom' How delicious! A case of incest! But the show was not over.

A moment later, while the woman remained bent over the table and the moisture from her most recent encounter trickled down the inside of her thighs, another young man, this one some two or three years younger approached.

"My turn, Mom!" he said as he dropped his shorts to the floor and stepped out of them. His instrument was not so prodigious as his older brother's, but still quite respectable. He wasted no time, but was in her to the hilt in one quick thrust.

The grunting, groaning, and moaning recommenced as the younger brother fucked his mother. Apparently, her cunt was quite exciting to fuck as the young man did not last but about four minutes before crying out and deluging his mother's womb with his incestuous seed.

"Oh, thank you Tommy, that was lovely! I suppose that Michael will want his too?"

"Yeah, Mom, Mike will be out in a minute."

I watched her remain still on the table, apparently awaiting a third son's attentions to her sopping wet cunt.

The third boy appeared in less than a minute. He was younger still, not more than Emily's age, I guessed. Yet he, too, had his naked cock unsheathed and was preparing to thrust home with the intent of climaxing inside of his mother's cunt.

And he did. He fucked her with quick short thrusts. While thrusting, he reached around in front of her and fingered her clit. I could see her body shudder in climax several times as the youngest boy so far fucked rapidly into her.

"Cummmming!!!" she screamed.

"Me, too, Mommmmm!!!!," he shrieked as thick ropy jets of his spunk sprayed deep into her sheath.

I went back to the RV and the girls were up getting breakfast. Over coffee, I told them what I had seen and heard next door. I could see their eyes grow big and bright as I described the three nice cocks I had seen. I knew that the Fuckfari was about to complete another successful hunt.

A little later that morning, I saw the woman outside hanging some laundry and I went up and introduced myself.

"I was out walking earlier this morning..." I paused to judge her reaction.

Her eyes got wide remembering what she had been doing.

"I couldn't help but hear you and your sons. I'm afraid I couldn't resist acting the peeping Tom. I must say you do have a very lovely cunt."

She blushed profusely, "I - I - I"

"Now don't be embarrassed," I began as I waved to the girls to come forward. "These are my daughters, and I fuck them quite regularly."

She relaxed visibly, and began to tell her story of losing her husband and not having enough money to keep the house. They lived on the road in the RV and the boys made money doing odd jobs. She had been very lonely after her husband passed away and couldn't help seeking comfort from her oldest son, but before long, all three of the boys demanded to take their pleasure in her and she couldn't refuse them.

I explained our similar situation regarding our incestuous connections and told the story of our Fuckfari. She understood completely because her three very randy boys kept her poor cunt worn to a frazzle.

That evening, the boys came back from the local town with a few dollars that they had earned, and Susan introduced them to the girls and me.

John was the eldest, nearly seventeen, Tommy was fourteen, and the youngest, Michael, was approaching thirteen.

We had supper together. Susan very much appreciated Annie and Megan doing the cooking, and the boys clearly enjoyed the meal.

"Well, boys, I have to tell you that I watched as you fucked your mother this morning, and I was quite impressed by the size of your cocks and your power of fuck. I told the girls about what I had seen and they have been hoping all day that you might give them each the benefit of your stiff pricks."

"Yeah!" they all answered together. In the space of two more minutes, all six of the youngsters were naked and fucking like rabbits; John with Annie, Tommy with Megan, and Mike with Emily.

As Susan and I watched, I said, "I'm certain your cunt could use a bit of rest, but I would be most appreciative if you would relieve my sexual tension with your pretty mouth."

"I would be delighted," Susan replied as she got on her knees, took out my cock and gave me a most expert blowjob. When she finished she looked up at me and smiled with her cum-covered lips and chin, "Thank you, that was delicious."

Later, I asked the boys what sort of work they most enjoyed and was delighted to discover that they were woodworkers and cabinetmakers.

"That is my trade as well. I believe I have an idea. I have wanted to quit my job and start my own cabinet and furniture making business. I have sufficient capital to start, particularly since I have most of my workshop set up already. What would you boys think of coming to Los Angeles and working for me? You and your mother could live with the girls and me - there is plenty of room.

"Susan, you could help the girls cook and keep house, and I would pay the boys a wage. Also, it would a big problem that both of our families have. My family doesn't have enough cocks and yours doesn't have enough cunts. What do you say?"

"Oh, I would love it. But boys?"

"Yeah! You bet. That would be fantastic!" John exclaimed while the other two boys nodded vigorously.

"Girls?" I asked, looking at Annie, Megan, and Emily.

Annie spoke for the girls, "Yes, Papa, we would like that very much. But I want to know, will we be allowed to change partners? I mean, John fucks very nicely, but I would so much like to try Tommy and Michael from time to time, and I certainly don't want to give up your sweet prick entirely Papa."

"Certainly, sweetheart. I'm quite certain that Susan's boys don't want to forego her pretty cunt entirely either, and I think that Tommy and Michael will probably want to taste the delights to be found between your pretty thighs. Don't you agree, Susan?"

"Oh, yes, definitely. Annie dear, I do hope you will let me kiss your cunt as well. I love to embrace my own sex. Do you and your sisters practice that mode of enjoyment?"

"Yes, Mrs. Susan, we do."

"Oh, come now, not so formal. If I am to live with you, I insist that you call me Mama, and that my boys call your father Papa."

"It is settled then."

We caravanned the RVs back home and the eight of us set up our household. Our little business venture was quite successful, owing in large part to the extraordinary woodworking skills of my three new sons. Annie got with child by one of the boys just short of her eighteenth birthday and thereafter gave birth to a little girl, followed by a son a year after. Megan, had her first child, a boy, at the same age. And Emily had her belly up for the first time at the age of fourteen, giving birth to twin girls soon after her fifteenth birthday.

Susan and I married shortly after that and we adopted all of the new babies so that there would never be any inconvenient questions from officious social services snoops.

Our life is lovely and shows promise of being forever so. Pardon me, dear reader, but my little Emily calls. Apparently she has a rather strong urge to have her father push the paternal sugar stick into her ever-sweet honey pot.