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Halloween Horror

by JoeBuckworth

Caution: This story contains strong Elements of sex and horror on a halloween night

Penny's cheerleader costume was attracting more attention than she anticipated. She wore the vest top without the requisite turtleneck sweater underneath, plus she left the top three buttons undone. Her D-cup breasts put a tremendous strain on the remaining two. The vest was spread so wide that her nipples were barely covered. Once when she was dancing a whole tit popped out. The skirt wasn't much better. Her husband, Rick had her shorten the pleated little number by five inches. Instead of being mid-thigh it just covered her pussy. He had wanted her to go to the party commando, but that's where she drew the line. In reality, the panties didn't make much difference. She wore the smallest white see-through thong that she owned. When she bent at the waist it was invisible. All you could see was her glorious ass. Penny wasn't the only partygoer to nearly expose herself. Many of the women wore see-through tops or pants. One wore hiking shorts, boots and suspenders. Her nipples were covered but the areolas were exposed, begging for comments. Buff men in male stripper G-strings was not uncommon at these Halloween gatherings. This was Frank and June's annual Halloween Horror party. The guest list was comprised mostly of married couples. This wasn't a swingers group as much as a horny group. The gracious hosts always provided a room or two, or three where couples who couldn't wait to satisfy the urges caused by the provocative attire could relieve themselves. Rick wasn't interested in showing off his body, so he went as Freddy Krueger. Plus, the mask hid his leering at the half-naked women.

An hour of dancing combined with three margaritas made Penny's pussy ache with desire. "After I pee I need to find Rick and drag him into a bedroom," she thought. With the downstairs and upstairs hall bathrooms occupied, Penny was forced to use the one in the master bedroom.

As she pulled down her thong she said, "What the hell!" kicked it off. After all her activity it felt good to sit down and relax. While wiping herself her hand couldn't help but stray to her swollen clit. Penny moaned as she caressed her pleasure center. She spread her knees as she easily slipped two fingers into her soaked cunt. She leaned back against the tank, pulling her sloppy digits out ever few strokes to rub her exposed bud. She caressed the folds of her pussy, adding to the tingling sensation inside her. A few minutes of finger fucking brought her perilously close to an orgasm. "I need to get fucked," she said out loud to no one. Then she had an idea. She'd lure Rick into a bedroom by sticking her pussy juice coated fingers right under his nose. Reluctantly Penny removed her fingers, stuffed her thong in her purse and opened the door.

She was startled to see Rick in his Freddy Krueger costume waiting outside the door. "You scared me! I didn't expect anyone in the bedroom." Penny pressed her body against Rick's as she put her still damp fingers under the nose-holes of his mask.

"Do you know what this smell is?" she asked in a naughty girl voice.

"Yes," came the muffled voice.

Freddy slid his plastic razor-nailed hand between their bodies, his forefinger on Penny's throat. With deliberate slowness he dragged his hand down between her breasts, sending a shiver of delight straight to her pussy. A quick manipulation and the vest buttons holding her huge tits in check came undone. The material separated under the strain, exposing the mammaries and their swollen, erect nipples to his gaze. A hand came to the top of each breast and stroked them. Penny shivered again. She grabbed his wrists and pulled him back into the bathroom. She locked the door and dropped to her knees, her eyes level with his swelling dick.

'I need you so badly!" she whimpered as she worked on pulling his dick out through the zipper. She was having trouble, as his manhood was already hard. Finally she succeeded and thrust it into her mouth.

"God, you're big tonight!" she managed to get out between sucks. "I need a big one so bad!" When Penny started to pull down Freddy's pants he stopped her.

"Leave it like it is," he growled. He moved over to the toilet and sat down. "Sit on it!" came the command.

"Anything you say big boy!"

Penny straddled his thighs, reached between her legs to grab the throbbing prick and sat down hard. The full feeling was incredible. She felt the walls of her pussy ripple even though she was just sitting on his prick. Up and down she went, living in the moment.

"What have you been doing Rick, lifting weights with this thing! It's never felt this big. It's so good! Suck my tits!"

"No! Just fuck!"

The force behind his command frightened Penny for a second, but the desire in her pussy soon made her forget everything else. She started riding his dick like she was on a bucking bronco. Rick returned his hands to her aching tits, sending more waves of ecstasy directly to her pussy. She was moaning now, her hands on his shoulders for support as she repeatedly slammed her slick cunt on his pole. She felt her asshole start to twitch, which was the first sign of an impending orgasm. Concentrating only on the feeling between her legs, she threw her head back and fucked him even harder. When the overwhelming wave of orgasm finally exploded, she had to grit her teeth to stifle the screams. Her paced slowed until her cunt was too sensitive to continue. She slumped in his lap, her sweat soaked forehead against his chest.

"Now me."

He lifted her up under her arms and pushed Penny back on her knees. She gratefully deep throated him while massaging his balls. His grunts began and in no time were in sync with her lips going over the ridge of his dickhead and back again. He grabbed her hair with one hand as he pulled out of her mouth. He stroked his prick with the other hand until with a final "Agggh!" he let loose a massive load of cum right on her face. Penny opened her mouth and directed the remaining spurts into her mouth.

"Mmmmm, you taste wonderful tonight."

When she finished sucking the last drop out of his softening member, Freddy stood up and replaced his dick in his pants. Without a goodbye he left to go back to the party.

Penny washed her face and reassembled herself. With her most urgent need satisfied, she put her thong back on and buttoned three buttons on her vest. She left the bathroom in a mellow mood, content for the time being, confident that the night would bring some more surprises.

Penny searched for Rich to compliment him on his outstanding performance and to tell him that she was a little pissed at the way he just left when they finished. She threaded her way through the gyrating couples in the living room. No Rick. The kitchen was packed with overheated guests. Some of the women had already given up on their tops, their breasts glistening with the sweat of the dance floor. The sight of so many erect nipples caused an itch between her legs. Jesus, I just got fucked into oblivion and I'm still horny! Over the naked shoulder of a skinny blonde with big hair she spotted Rick out on the deck. Penny took two steps and then let out a scream. There were two Freddy Krueger's on the deck and they were talking to each other. Rick looked up and caught Penny staring at them. He motioned to her with one long nail to come over. Trance like, she found her way to his side.

Motioning to the Freddy next to him, "Penny, this is Sam. Sam, this is my wife Penny."

"Pleased to meet you," he growled.

Penny jumped at the sound of Sam's voice.

"I don't know how you can keep this thing on," Rick commented as he removed his mask. "It's too damn hot." He looked at Penny. "Do you believe there's another Freddy Krueger here? I thought I was the only one stuck in the 80's. Does anyone want anything? I'm going to get a drink."

"Margarita," Penny blurted, still staring at Sam. Sam shook his head no.

When Rick had left, Sam raised his left hand and placed the tip of his nail at her throat. With deliberate slowness he dragged his hand down between her breasts, sending a shiver of delight straight to her pussy. He manipulated the vest buttons and her tits exploded out of their restraint.

He turned and walked back into the house.