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Love Potion

by John Demille

Caution: Brother Sister Incest Taboo sex story, also contain Mother Son Incest Taboos sex

The Greenish liquid looked ugly. The small bottle was given to him by some filthy hobo after he gave him some loose change when he saw him in the alley near his house as he came home from school. He only wanted the man to go away.

“This is the answer to all your problems.” The man had said.

“How would this bottle solve my problems?” Jim had enquired, surprised that his coins actually reaped something in return.

“You’ll see, just spray it sparingly on yourself.”

Jim had gone home after pocketing the small inconspicuous bottle and had held on to it for the last two days not knowing whether to believe the stranger.

‘Yeah right, this green stuff would be the answer to all my problems.’

Jim sighed. At sixteen, the only problem that he really cared about was that he was still a virgin with very few prospects of changing that status anytime soon.

Sighing again, he returned the bottle to his drawer and went to the bathroom. He just had to pee. As he stood outside the bathroom he heard the shower inside running. Fuck! His selfish, self-centred, totally self-absorbed eighteen-year-old sister must be taking one of her empty-the-hot-water-tank showers.

“Come on Jess, I really have to go!” he shouted through the door.

“Wait your turn, bonehead!”

“I would, but my fucking bladder won’t.”

Jessica being Jessica didn’t seem to care. Standard behaviour from his sister.

He tried the knob and much to his surprise, the door wasn’t even locked. He simply went inside and started relieving his painful bladder.

“You Pervert!” he jumped as his bitch of a sister screamed.

He turned towards the see-thru shower stall while still pissing.

“How dare you come in when I was ... was...” his sister screamed in rage.

“I didn’t think I could outlast the hot water tank. Calm down, you don’t own this house.”

In those few seconds he managed to take a good look at his sister’s sexy body for the first time. While she had her arms crossed over her breasts, they couldn’t begin to cover the oversized flesh bags. He could see the top of her wrinkling aureoles as well as a lot of squished tit-flesh oozing out from under her skinny arms. And while she covered her breasts with her arms she hadn’t covered her crotch. Jim liked the bushy blond pubic hair covering her pussy lips and the surrounding area. He felt strange pride that his sister was so beautiful, but also a bit sorrowful as she was his own sister and that put her out of his reach forever.

“What the fuck are you looking at?” his sister hissed as she turned and faced the wall showing him her full bubble butt.

“You’re a sight to behold sis. I’m enjoying the view.”

“Just fuck off!” she said.

Jim took his time finishing his piss and ogling his sister’s backside. Done, he put away his now-hard cock and walked out. Of course, he just went back to his room to jack off. He knew that his own sexy sister would star in a lot of his jerk-off fantasies from now on.

The next day, he woke up and did his daily routine. As he put his clothes on, his eye kept wandering to his side table where he kept the little mystery bottle. Finally giving in, he took it out of its hiding place and sprayed a tiny amount on himself. It didn’t seem to smell like anything.

He shook his head and wondered if the man had been playing a gag on him or something. Just in case, he put the bottle back in his drawer and wondered if there would be any effect on his life.

He went downstairs to get ready for school. As he reached the bottom of the stairs he saw his sister on the couch in the living room.

Apparently, she was skipping school again. She had done that every day of this week, taking advantage of their mother’s absence. She was wearing a skirt that flirted around her hips and barely covered her crotch. He also noticed that she was not wearing a bra, her large nipples clearly pushing against her tight, thin T-Shirt. God, she looked so fucking hot!

“Sis, I’m goin’ now,” he said as he crossed in front of her to get his book-bag.

“That’s an interesting smell. New?” she asked inquisitively.

“Yeah, I thought I would trying something new. I’ve been using that old children’s one since dad got it for me few years ago. And I loved dad dearly but the bottle was finally empty few days ago. Do you like it?”

Jessica got the couch and stood in front of him, blocking his path to the door.

“I love it. It’s so sexy.” She replied with a glint in her eyes as she looked up at him. She was older, but since he went thru his last growth spurt, he gained six solid inches on her 5’ 6” frame.

Jessica put her arms around his neck and pulled him down to give him a deep kiss. A deep French kiss. As in tongue to tongue! Her body moulded itself to his and she rubbed her big tits against his muscular chest.

He went along with the kiss until she started letting go. He pulled his face from hers and looked into her eyes. God her pupils were so large. Her eyes were sparkling in the morning light.

“Nice, but since when do we do this kind of kissing?”

“Starting today; This is my way of saying sorry for what happened yesterday, that’s all. I overreacted and I shouldn’t have been so mean. You really needed to go and I was hogging the bathroom. You liked what you saw yesterday, didn’t you?” She bit her lower lips.

Jim didn’t know what to say. Could this be true? Was the green liquid doing this to her? Was it controlling her responses to his body?

As he paused and didn’t say anything, Jessica got a worried look on her face.

“Don’t you like me Jim?” she asked, standing on her toes to kiss him again.

“Of course I do. I love you sis. This is just a surprise that’s all. I didn’t think you would react this way after what happened yesterday. I thought you wanted to kill me if you could.”

“Kill you? Don’t be silly. I would rather do this.” She said as she reached for his pants and started undoing them.

Jim watched in amazement as his sexy older sister did the most unsisterly thing possible as she managed to pull his pants and boxers down and in one motion take half of his rampant dick into her wet mouth even before pushing his pants below his knees.

“Oh, Jess, That feels so good.”

“You like that? You haven’t seen anything yet.” Jessica replied as she went to work enthusiastically on his painful rod.

Jessica seemed to be an expert at sucking dick. She was easily taking most of Jim’s cock into her mouth and didn’t gag when it hit the back of her throat.

Jim couldn’t stay standing while she sucked on him. So he walked backwards with Jessica walking on her knees until he reached the couch. Even while he sat down, Jessica kept an oral lock on his cock, refusing to let go for even a bit.

While Jim was still a virgin, he didn’t cum too soon. Jessica made sure of that. Each time he would start to swell and his balls pull up, Jessica would squeeze the base of his cock and pull gently on his balls until the feeling went away. She was that good.

After about five minutes of vigorous sucking, Jim could take it no more, so when Jessica started squeezing the base again, Jim pulled her hands away from his cock with one hand and with the other pulled her deeper onto his cock. He was ready to come and she wasn’t going to stop him this time.

As Jessica felt Jim pull on her head, she simply relaxed and let him push his cock down her throat where he almost immediately started shooting jet after jet of pent up jism.

“Oh my god, This feels so fucking amazing.” Jim nearly yelled as he emptied his bulging balls deep inside his older sister’s throat.

Jessica took it like a trooper, not even trying to pull off of her brother’s deeply embedded cock.

When Jim stopped spurting, Jessica finally pulled away and wiped the drool that was decorating her lower face.

“So, you like that little brother?”

“Wow! That was amazing. You definitely know how to suck cock.”

“Told you you hadn’t seen nothing yet. You think you can go again?”

“You want to suck my dick again?”

“No silly, I want it inside me. Do you mind?”

“I never thought you were stupid enough not to figure this one on your own. Of course I don’t mind.”

“Good.” Said Jessica with a radiant smile as she took Jim’s semi hard cock back into her mouth. She worked it expertly and thanks to teenage stamina, in no time flat, he was hard as a rock again.

Once hard, Jessica stood up and pulled her clothes off in a hurry. Jim was in awe of his sister’s revealed beauty. Her tits were very large on her frame and firm like only an eighteen-year-old’s could be. Her waist was pinched and her hips flared out. Despite bordering on being chubby, there was a four inches gap at the top of Jessica’s thighs. Jim couldn’t explain why he found that so sexy.

As Jessica straddled her brother’s thighs she grasped his cock and aimed it at her slippery red lips.

“Give me a bit of leeway ok, it’s my first time.”

“You’re a virgin? You fucking sucked my cock like a vacuum cleaner.”

“I hadn’t found the special person that deserved to take my cherry until now. So I learned to satisfy my dates with blow jobs. I got so good at it that I managed to save my cherry until now.”

“Wow. Now I feel so lucky. What did I do to deserve this?”

“You’ve been my wonderful brother, that’s all.” Jessica replied unknowing that her actions where guided by an invisible force that stripped away any inhibitions, reservations or objections.

Jessica stopped talking and focused on what she was doing between her legs. She swiped her brother’s mushroomed head up and down her slit from her clit to her hole few times transferring as much lubrications as possible. After about ten swipes, she stopped it at the entrance to her hole and pushed down.

It took some effort but the resistance in her cunt finally broke and she sat heavily with a shriek.

“Shit, this hurts.” Jessica hissed from between clenched teeth.

Jim didn’t make a move. He was simply amazed at everything his sister was doing and if she wanted to give him her virginity then by god he will give her all the time that she needed.

As Jessica bottomed out with Jim’s cock buried all the way into her enflamed cunt, Jim felt the hot tightness increase by ten folds.

“Holy shit. Holy shit. I’m cumming.” Yelled Jessica. “Oh god I’ve never come so fast in my life before. I love you Jim, I love you so much. I will never get enough of your wonderful cock. I want it inside of me forever. I wanna do this every day from now on.”

Jessica seemed delirious with pleasure. She kept babbling and she hadn’t even started moving yet. She just sat there and squeezed her pussy around her brother’s wonderful cock.

For three long minutes Jim watched his sister babble as she sat on his cock. He could feel the strong contractions around his meat and it was wonderful, but his idea of fucking included going in and out.

After so much time, Jimmy couldn’t hold back anymore, pulled his ass back into the couch, pulling his cock an inch or two out of his sister’s clenching pussy and quickly slammed it back in. The simple motion felt incredible. His sister’s cunt was like a velvety vise that threatened to cut off all blood supply to his most precious tool.

Jessica felt pure bliss as her brother pulled out of her and rammed her pussy again with his most wonderful cock. She couldn’t help it, she came again and again. She felt her mind is going insane with the raw pleasure radiating from her pussy.

Since Jessica wasn’t moving on her own at all, Jim decided that he need to take control, so he pushed up and off the couch which Jessica clung to him and put her back on the couch and started pounding into her tight cunt.

“Oh, Fuck me. Fuck me. Fuck me.” Jessica chanted as she orgasmed continuously.

Jim’s first fuck was proving to be much better that he ever imagined it would ever be. His older sister was loving the fucking that he was giving her even though he didn’t have a good technique or any technique at all.

He couldn’t last long despite having come only a short time earlier.

“Oh Sis, I’m gonna cum,” he said, trying to pull away, still having the presence of mind to not want to impregnate his own sister.

However, her legs now enveloping his hips, pulled him back in.

“Cum inside me Jim,” she pleaded huskily. “I want to feel your cum inside me. I want my first time to be a complete experience, cum and all.”

He could not hold back anymore. He thrust his cock in and bumped her cervix, shooting his incestuous cum into her receptive body.

She continued pulling him in with her legs, touching regions of her no man would be able to claim after her own brother’s successful mount. She knew right then that this would be her most ultimate sex that she would ever have. No man could give her the unconditional love that her brother surely had for her. How could something so right be so wrong?

“Oh ... oh ... Jessica ... sis...” Jim moaned as he kept coming, “I love you so much.”

Their climax was over. They had done it. They both got each other’s virginity and they were very happy about it.

They skipped school for the day and they spent every minute with each other. Jessica seemed unable to be away from Jim’s cock for a minute. If she didn’t have it in her mouth or pussy, she had it secured in her hand. The only time she did let go of it, it was to make food to eat or to go to the bathroom. She even tried to take Jim with her to the bathroom as she did her business. But as much as Jim was enjoying how sister was behaving, he drew the line at smelling her shit while she played with his tired dick.

It was only after he showered that Jessica seemed to get hold of herself and start behaving somewhat normally again.

They slept in Jim’s bed that night and Jessica woke him up after midnight for another mind blowing blow job and fuck. She even did all the work and Jim just laid there and enjoyed her attention.

Two days later

The school’s bell gave the day’s final ring at three o’clock!

‘Finally, time to leave’ Jim thought.

His mind was not on whatever lecture going on in that last period. His mind ran through the events over the past two days ... what happened earlier with his sister.

As he drove his dilapidated car back home, he had thought of the possibilities that lay before him with his small bottle: fucking his gorgeous English teacher Ms Sloan, or getting revenge with Jane, the top bitch in school, who wouldn’t give him a second look otherwise, or getting fresh with the cheerleaders. Whatever it was, he was amazingly realistic considering he has a normal sized teenage sex drive. He knew not to squander too much, too quickly.

He reached home and parked his car in the garage. When he went in, he saw his sister on the couch in the living room watching TV. Desperate Housewives must be on, Jim guessed. Jessica had been keeping her distance from him ever since the day they took each other’s virginity. Almost as if she regretted what had happened, she had come in the next day to apologize for her behaviour that encouraged him to make love to his own sister.

When he had tried to hug her to assure her that he did not mind the incident one bit, she moved away. He decided not to press the matter but was nonetheless feeling guilty for what happened that fateful day, but how would he have known the effect of that potion.

“Listen Jess, about the other day...” Jim started.

“Oh Jim ... I don’t want to talk about it. I’m really, really sorry ... I love you, I’d like to, no, love to make love to you again, but I ... I can’t ... it’s incest. Don’t you understand?” she said, giving him the puppy eyes.

“But sis, if we liked it so much...” Jim protested.

“Stop ... I love you...” she replied, giving him a peck on the cheek and she went back to her room, switching off the TV along the way, locking the door.

Jim sighed. That was another indication that the power of the perfume should not be wasted, that it should only be used when absolutely needed. He loved his sister, and did not want her to be scarred by their love the other day. He loved her too much.

He went into his room, locking the door and resting on his bed. Was it worth it? He wondered. One night of pleasure for a life of scarring your own sister. Well, at least his mother was coming back that night. Finally, something normal back into their lives. Something his sister desperately needed.

A blood curdling scream jarred Jim out of his sleep and he awoke with a start.


“Aaaaahhhhhhh!” he heard again, it sounded like his sister!

Jim ran out of his room into his sister’s room to find his scantily-clad sister in bra and panties standing on her dresser, still screaming.

“What’s wrong?” Jim yelled loud enough for Jessica to hear him over her own screaming.

“There’s a big spider in my bed!” His sister shouted, gesturing wildly to the bed.

Jim looked on the bed and found a big spider. He took the nearest thing he could find, a History textbook and smashed the creepy arachnid with it.

Wham! The spider lay still.

“Phew ... thanks Jim.” Jessica said, motioning him closer to her.

He came to her and helped get down from her perch taking her into his arms. To show her appreciation, Jessica kissed her heroic brother on the cheek. He hugged her and she responded. Her kiss moved to his mouth and stayed there.

Their make out session got hotter and hotter and soon Jim reached for her bra clasp and undid it.

“Jim... ?” Jessica said uncertainly.

“Shhhh ... I love you, you love me too, don’t you?” Jim answered reassuringly.

Her resistance vanished at that moment to never come back. Her brother didn’t smell as sexy as he did earlier, but he was right. She loved him far too much, far too much to see him suffering every single day from her being so distant. His pain was evident. She knew part of the reason they made love was not because of his lust, but his genuine love for his sister after all she went out of her way to seduce him.

As her bra dropped from her shoulder revealing her two beauties, Jessica kissed back hard, signalling to him that she was OK to resume the new relationship that they started two days ago.

She took her own initiative and proceeded to release his now-rigid cock from the confines of his boxers. He, on the other hand, after successfully releasing her two bouncing beauties, pulled her panties off and pushed her onto her bed.

Jim made love to his older sister and this time she was participating willingly, without the influence of any mind-altering chemicals.

Jessica enjoyed herself immensely. There was no weird obsession with her brother’s cock or his sperm. Just beautiful, hungry and satisfying sex.

They explored each other and experimented with different positions. She tasted him and he tasted her in a long lasting 69.

They lost count of her orgasms and Jim managed a few of his own.

Once their physical needs had been satiated, the siblings cuddled in the afterglow of their sexual bouts.

“I’m sorry for being such a prude earlier. I knew you only wanted to express your love for me. But being my brother, it was hard for me to accept the idea of being in love and having sex with you. But, no more; from now on, I’m yours no matter what.”

“I love you too. And I want to make love to you as often that I can.”

“I can’t believe I’m actually in love with my own younger brother.”

“Jess, you know, our relationship is weird. I highly doubt it would ever be accepted if it were to come to public light. I love you and I want nothing more than to be with you, and I want you to be mine and mine alone. But let’s be realistic, with your beauty, and your past dating habits, people would suspect something if you suddenly stopped dating guys and were seen with your brother only. People aren’t that blind. Somebody will put two and two together and figure it out.”

“What are you saying? You don’t want to be with me?” Jessica asked with a panicked tone.

“Nothing of the sort; I just need to make sure that we still behave as usual in public so that nobody would suspect anything. You were dating occasionally, and you should still do it to keep up appearances. I’ve been rarely dating and as a guy I should appear that at least I’m trying. You know, that kind of stuff.”

“I’m not sure that I want to date anybody else now that I have you that way.”

“Well, think about it and you’ll see that I’m right.”

“We’ll see.”

“Jess, I love you more than anything in this world. But, again, we have to be realistic. We’re siblings. We can’t get married to each other and even if we live with each other, we can’t have kids. We can have sex as much as we want as long as we want. We have to be smart about it though. Getting caught is not something that I want to even contemplate. You getting pregnant is not an option either. We need to be careful.”

“I get it. I will do my best to keep this a secret.”

“Mom is coming tomorrow, we need to make sure that she never suspects us.”

“Mom is too prudish. I don’t think she’ll notice anything.” Jess suggested.

“Mom is smart and observant. If we’re not careful then she’s bound to notice and figure it out.”

“Unless you have sex with her too.”

“What? Have sex with my mother? Are you insane? Have sex with my very prudish mother? Have you gone completely bonkers?”

“Well, you’ve had sex with me and I’m your sister. So it’s not the family or blood relation thing. It’s your turn to think about it. It’s the only way that would work with us living here with mom.”

“I don’t know, how would that even work. I just walk up to mom and ask her ‘Hey mom, do you want to fuck?’”

“Don’t be silly. You’ll have to be smoother than that.”

“Yeah, me Mr. Smooth Operator, riiiiiight. How about I just wag my hard-on in her face and invite her for a suck or to give me a hand.”

“Funny; anyway, it’s just a thought. I’ll do my best to be as discreet as possible. You do your part and hopefully we can manage to keep this secret for as long as possible, or at least until you’re eighteen, squirt.”

“Squirt? I’ll show you squirt. I’ll squirt you with this big cock.”

Jess squealed and ran off to the bathroom closely followed by a tickling Jim.

They bathed together and got frisky in the tub.

Both siblings took care of the house to make sure their mother would not suspect anything when she reached home.

The next morning, Jim awoke with his mother over him, smiling.

“Hello Pumpkin,” his mother said, much to his annoyance. He wished she would stop calling him that.

However, he noticed that his mom, bent over him, was showing a lot of her enormous tits’ cleavage. His morning wood got harder if possible. His mother, realizing where her son’s stare was focused, promptly stood up.

“I’m making breakfast. Ready soon.” She said, ruffling his hair, and she left his room.

For a thirty-eight-years old, his mother looked pretty good, he thought.

Shit! Looks like the previous days’ activities were having an effect on him. He had never thought of his mother sexually before then. Jessica simply planted that thought in his brain.

Clearing his head he went about doing his morning routine. Once done, he went down to the kitchen where his mother had prepared breakfast. Jessica was already out, being extremely active in school activities.

After filling his famished belly with the wonderful bacon and eggs that his mother had prepared before she started her house cleaning day, Jim sat in front of the tube and watched television. The Simpsons was on.

Then it hit him. He knew his mother liked snooping in his stuff and he realized that if left unchecked, she will stumble onto the small bottle and will want to know what’s in it. He had to stop her.

Jim hurried to his room to ensure that his Playboys, Penthouses and the bottle are kept under lock and key. By the time he reached his room it was too late. As he rounded the corner and saw what’s in his room he felt dread. Jim saw his mother at his dresser holding up the bottle of green potion.

Before Jim could say or do anything he saw his mother spraying from the small bottle onto her left wrist and then sniffing it.

“No! Mom!” Jim said hastily, grabbing the bottle from her hands, not wanting to waste more of the small amount that was already left.

His mother inhaled deeply and took in the smell of the potion.

“Mom, are you okay?” Jim asked, obviously wondering the effect it would have on his mother.

“Jim?” she asked, slightly dazed, as if drunk.

“Yeah mom?” he replied.

“Jim ... what was that perfume ... it smells so heavenly ... so hot...” his mom said, as she started to unbutton her blouse.

“MMmm...” she moaned.

Oh shit, Jim thought, as he looked at his hot mom. He had never thought of her sexually before the day earlier when Jess mentioned the subject, but she sure was hot. His cock started to rise as more and more of his mother’s forbidden cleavage was revealed.

He knew his mother was a real prude who always wore a bra, even at home and he was very sure that his father was the only one who had been allowed to enjoy her before his death and no one since. Even his dad, it was not by dating that he got to know her, but by an arranged marriage. Yet here she stood, shedding every last bit of decency, in front of her son nonetheless, and not giving a damn.

“Mom, what are you doing?”

“I’m hot and I’m horny all of the sudden.”

“What are you saying?”

“You like these babies, don’t you?” She said as she pulled her shirt apart revealing her industrial strength bra.

“Are you really sure about this mom?”

“Jim, don’t you like me ... I saw the way you looked down my blouse in the morning ... you liked what you saw didn’t you...” she said as she closed on him.

By now, he was beyond reason. Here was probably the most inaccessible fuck-toy he was ever going to get and she was presenting him to fuck her brains out, and here he was protesting. He moved towards his mother.

“Oh mom ... I love you...”

“I love you too Jim...”

Jim moved towards his mother. He kissed her full on her lips, his tongue wrestling with hers. His arms went around her and pulled her to him smashing her udders into his chest. It took some effort to undo the heavy band with the many hooks holding his mother’s bra closed.

Jim pulled down his mother’s massive bra to reveal her equally massive tits. They sagged heavily under their own weight. Human skin is no match to this much weight. God her back must be strong to support those two puppies.

He finally scrutinized the two globes of flesh on her chest when the bra was gone. Her nipples were obscenely sticking out and wrinkled, sort of like large prunes and her breasts looked like milk jugs, they were that beautiful and symbolic to him. Her aureole was by then also wrinkled. His mom pulled him towards her chest.

“Come back where you belong...” she said.

Jim appreciatively locked his mouth on a nipple, one he was so lovingly sucking on many years ago. Now, it is back to nature. He bit on the fleshy nipple, licking it as well to its now swollen state. He alternated between nipples, allowing them fresh air in between his licks. By then, Jim was already bottomless, with only his T-Shirt on, his boner on display proudly to his mother.

“Oh Jim...” His mom moaned when she saw how hard he was.

Jim took the next step, slowly pulling down her skirt and was surprised to find no panties.

“Jim, I need you in me.”

Jim was in no mood for teasing. His sexy mother wanted him and he wanted her. So without any preparation he lined up his cock with her groove and pushed. His mother was so wet that he bottomed out in one stroke and without much resistance.

“Oh ... Jim!!” she shouted, as she came instantaneously just like Jess did when she got his cock inside her. It seems to be something the potion can easily do.

While Jim was way too turned on for rational thought, his cock was fairly in control of itself and didn’t just start hosing her insides with its seed.

Jim fucked his mother for a long time before he shot his first load into the canal that led him out to the world. During that time, his mother had kept coming and coming. She even fainted on few instances where her nervous system couldn’t handle the overload of pleasure that her son’s cock was producing in her long neglected cunt.

The two spent lovers lay on the bed, fully satisfied. They had just been in a union society had forbidden them to be in: yet all the same, it felt so nice and correct. He slid his cock further in and fell asleep nursing his mother’s tits. Just like when he was younger. A return to nature no one should be denied.

“Well well well, what do we have here?” Jessica said as she shook her brother awake.

“Wha... ?”

“So baby brother, I see you went ahead and executed on the plan we discussed and I see that you’ve achieved total success.”

Their mother didn’t even stir. She was knackered from all the orgasms that she had with her son.

“Shhh ... Don’t wake up mother.” Jim warned as he got up carefully. “Let’s go to the living room.”

Once in the living room Jessica attacked her brother hugging and kissing him.

“I knew you had it in you. I knew mom won’t be able to resist you. I couldn’t resist you. With mom now on board we’re free to do whatever we want.”

“I’m no so sure about that. You and I didn’t come up in the conversation.”

“It doesn’t matter. She’d had sex with you and she would be guilty of god knows what crimes legally. She won’t be able to say anything if she ever caught us together. Her only option at the time would be to join, share and shut up.”

“We’ll have to wait and see.”

“Oh my god you smell so sexy today! did she tire you completely or you managed to save some for me lover?”

“I don’t know. Why don’t you start sucking my cock and see if you can revive it?”

“I like the way you think.” Jessica said right before she took her brother’s cock deep into her wet mouth. Jim proved that he had good stamina. Well, he was sixteen after all.