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My Pregnant Mother

by Trog

Caution: This story contains strong incest sex elements between a mother and her teen son.

I was fifteen when Mom and Dad divorced. After fourteen years they called it quits because Dad couldn't leave the ladies alone. Seems he was always screwing one of the neighbor's wives or some woman at work and it wasn't as if Mom didn't know Dad chased around. He had gotten her pregnant in high school and was forced into marriage.

Most boys, I suppose, would hate their Fathers for running around and cheating on their mothers, but that isn't the way it was with Dad and me. Heck, he was my best friend and always doing something real neat with me. I'd known for a long time he was cheating on Mom but I didn't care because of what he taught me on day on my thirteenth birthday. It was probably, at least then, the best birthday present of my life.

Dad said he was taking me to the movies while Mom stayed home getting everything ready for my party. Nothing special, just a few close friends from school. Well we got in the car and down the street we went. I asked Dad what movie we were going to see and all he said was wait. Try and imagine my shock when we parked in the seeder part of town and walk a couple of blocks stopping in front of an adult theater.

"Son you are now old enough to learn something about sex. I've already had that special talk with you about the birds and the bees, now it's time you see what sex is all about."

Even at thirteen I was big for my age and Dad didn't seem to have any trouble getting two tickets. It was dark inside the theater except for the light coming from the huge movie screen up front. Being early in the day there weren't many people, all men. As it happened the movie was just starting and had I not been sitting down I would have certainly broken my foot as my mouth opened dropping my jaw.

Up on the huge screen was a woman with the biggest pair of boobs I'd ever seen. When I say big I mean absolutely huge. A man joined her and it wasn't long before both were buck naked. Now I'd seen my Dad naked before and wished I had something close to what swung between his legs but this guy showed me much more. He had to have been at least four inches longer the Dad and a heck of a lot thicker. I sorta cringed thinking how short and thin I was in the same place. Well I watched with fascination as this huge breasted woman dropped to her knees and quickly began taking this guys penis into her mouth. Her lips were so tightly stretched trying to get all of him I thought she would get hurt.

Dad was telling me this is what was called a blow job, something I'd heard of in school. As I watched she took just over half of this guy's huge penis into her mouth and was moving her head up and down. Well before long he pulled out of her mouth, picked her up and shoved her onto the bed. She was lying on her back legs spread wide when he got between them. Several times he slipped his penis up and down at the entrance to her sex, Dad called it her pussy, and then he slid it inside. As I watched they began moving faster and faster and because of the camera angle I could see his penis moving in and out of her.

Half and hour later I had gotten the idea of how men and women had sex. Dad said it was time to go because there was another place he wanted to take me. Just as before, when I asked where we were going, he said to be patient and wait until we got there.

Three blocks from our house Dad pulled into the driveway of the Anderson's. They were old friends of my folks so I didn't think much about it. Mrs. Anderson is in her mid thirties and very pretty. She opened the door and asked us inside. When she closed the door she didn't follow us but leaned her back against the door. For the first time I really took a good look at her. I suppose it had something to do with having just come from one of those XXX rated movies but something about her really looked good.

"So this is the birthday boy. My but he sure has grown." Mrs. Anderson had a funny look on her face as she slowly moved away from the door and came closer.

Suddenly I noticed something about her I'd never seen before. She wasn't just pretty, she was beautiful. Not only that but her light summer dress made her look very, well, sexy. At first all I saw were her feet along with the slimness of her ankles. As my eyes moved up I saw her shapely calves and then more of her legs all the way to mid thigh where the hem of her dress stopped. I felt myself feeling strange as she slowly came closer and I noticed the nice flair of her hips and the slender waist just above them. I couldn't help but look at her chest and loved the bouncing of her large breasts as she came still closer. From three feet away I saw the hard points in the thin material of her dress top and instantly knew it had to be her nipples. I was immediately becoming aroused.

H-h-hello Mrs. Anderson. Yes it's my birthday and I'm now thirteen. I really haven't grown since you saw me last week."

"I'll be the judge of that, but from where I stand you really have grown. Do you know why your Dad brought you here?"

"Uh, no."

"Son, we've had the talk and you've seen the movie. Now it's time you get some experience. Mrs. Anderson has graciously consented to give you your first lesson. Now pay close attention because it's a one time deal."

Mrs. Anderson took my hand and led me down the hall to her bedroom. Dad came with us and sat in a corner chair. Of course I wasn't sure what was going to happen but I soon found out. Bev, Mrs. Anderson's first name, pulled me close and gave me my first lesson in French kissing. As our tongues dueled I felt her hand snake between our bodies and begin rubbing the swollen front of my pants. As I became more aroused and nearly to full erection her fingers grasped my penis from outside my pants and her hand moved up and down. Now I already knew how to masturbate and she was doing just that. Then her fingers moved and I heard the zipper of my pants and felt her hand inside searching for and finding my now hard erection.

As they say the rest is history. Bev stripped off my clothes, gave me my first blow job swallowing my entire load then stood to give me a very sexy show as she stripped. It wasn't long after that she took my cherry and I went from adolescent teenager into the world of being a man and that wasn't the only time my Dad arraigned for me to have sex with a woman. That's when I learned how much Dad screwed around and cheated on Mom, but I loved it the whole time.

Now you can see why I didn't hate my Dad. Besides being my best friend he introduced me to the wonders of sex. About the only thing that did surprise me was with just how many women he was having affairs. So two years later I wasn't surprised when they divorced.

Six months later Mom and I were watching TV, Cinimax I think it was, and it was very late on a Friday night. I'd heard of some of the adult movies and programs but had never had an interest in them until then. We were munching popcorn when the show started. Mom was wearing her baby doll nightgown. It was the blue one I liked so much. Since having been shown the pleasures of sex I had started paying more attention to Mom and this nightgown really showed her off the best. As usual I lounged in T-shirt and boxer shorts.

When the first scene of a woman half naked came on the screen I heard Mom began to fidget. It wasn't until some hunk of a guy appeared without his shirt I heard her quiet gasp. Sneaking a sidelong peek I saw her eyes drooping and the hard points of her nipples in the front of her top. I looked back at the TV and began to compare the breasts of the woman in the movie with those of Mom. Without a doubt Mom was much smaller. A few weeks back I had snooped and found one of Mom's bras. The tag said she was a 36C, but the woman in the move was obviously much larger.

The movie couple naturally got around to the so called scene of making love, but I think we all know it's pure acting. Still it was titillating and arousing at least for me. I wasn't sure about Mom until I snuck another side long glance. Now I could see her breasts moving up and down as her breathing was coming much more quickly. The front of her top was filling with her breasts and the hard points were sticking out just that much further. Obviously she was sexually aroused as was I. Glancing down at myself I saw the split in my boxers had opened and with all the pride it could muster stood my solid erection. Normally I would have been embarrassed but tonight it seemed so natural, so I firmly wrapped my fingers around my throbbing shaft and began to slowly stroke it.

"Jeff, don't you think you should take that and yourself to your room?" I jerked suddenly at Moms words. She was staring intently at my hand working my erection. Her eyes were half closed as she licked her lips. Between her legs she had firmly planted on hand and it was moving.

"I suppose I could Mom, but you seem to like what you see. Does your hand feel good between your legs? Aren't you doing the same thing as me?"

"I don't think this is something we should be doing. Jeff go to bed and we'll talk about this tomorrow." Mom was blushing as she got up and turned off the TV.

I watched as she went down the hall to her bedroom. The tight bottoms of her baby doll nightgown fit snuggly allow me to easily see both cheeks of her buttocks as they twitched from side to side. I waited a few minutes before getting up from the sofa. Down the same hall I walked in near silence. Pausing for a moment at my bedroom door I began thinking. At that point I went to Moms not quite closed door and gently pushed it open. What I saw was no surprise. Mom was lying on her bed without the bottoms of her nightgown rapidly moving her hand between her wide spread legs. Obviously she was masturbating.

In the two years since Dad had given me into the pleasures of sex with women I'd grown, really grown. From having only barely enough to tickle Bev Anderson I'd become what I thought was a nicely endowed eight thick inches. Seeing Mom working on herself only served to bring my already aroused sexual state to a higher plane. I shucked my boxers and T-shirt and brazenly approached the side of her bed. Mom noticed me and gasped as her eyes were glued to my throbbing bobbing organ.

"Jeff, you leave my room this instant. I can't have you here with me while you are naked. It's not right. Now please leave me alone."

"Sorry Mom, but I can't do that. You and I both have needs, sexual needs and I intent to satisfy mine and hopefully yours."

I guess I should have done as Mom asked, but my libido was fully in charge as I knelt between her legs before she knew what I was doing. Mom tried to touch her knees together but it was do late. My erection hovered just above her very wet sex as I rubbed the tip of my penis over the slickness of her sex. Seconds later I had the head and first three inches easily inside her. Mom, to give her all the credit she deserved, did her best to keep me from going further, but her efforts failed. I hunched and drove myself fully inside her body loving the feel of her burning hot vagina.

"Jeff, no, we can't. Please take it out and leave me alone. Aaaaahhhhhh, no we can't, yesssss, no don't."

Mom couldn't seem to make up her mind if she wanted sex or not as her body reacted and suppressed the thoughts of her mind. Finally she gave in and began to join me as our bodies joined. Both of us were so very aroused the sex didn't last long. I felt her sex grow wetter as she climaxed. That feeling along with my own needs pushed me far over the edge as I gushed my creamy seed into the body of my Mother.

I suppose it could be called rape and maybe it was. After we finished I waited to catch my breath before removing my limp organ and lying on my back beside her. Mom was weeping, her sobs wracking her body and shaking the bed. Without a word I left her alone and went to my bedroom. On my bed I reflected on what we had just done. It wasn't remorse I was feeling but sorrow. I knew I had hurt my Mother, not physically but mentally. Now how to make it up to her?

I had the coffee in her cup when Mom came into the kitchen the next morning. I sat sipping a cup of my own not daring to look at her. Mom sat across the table from me not saying a word. My heart was breaking and I couldn't think of anything to say. At one point I mustered up enough courage to sneak a peek and saw she had her robe clutched tightly up to her throat. Her eyes locked on me. I felt only shame as I again put my face down.

"I'm very sorry Mom." It was the only thing I could think of to say to her.

"As well you should be young man, but not half as sorry as I am. What you did last night was wrong and you know it, but what I did was worse. There is no doubt in my mind I caused it to happen."

"What? Mom there ain't no way you are at fault here. I'm the one coming into your room and, uh, well raping you. I took you sexually against your will."

"That's what you think and it's just what I wanted you to think. It was me that brought you to that so called choice."

"How do you figure that?"

"I knew exactly what would happen to you when that movie started. When you became so aroused I was pleased and wanted you so much. It was all I could do to not jump your bones right then on the sofa. Jeff, I planned last night very carefully. I know what your Father had been doing for you and I'm not sorry. What you did and gave me last night was something I've wanted for a long time."

"Mother, I don't believe what I'm hearing. You like being taken against you will? You like being raped?"

"Not in the literal sense, but yes I like being taken. It all started with your Father. Our first time wasn't exactly with my permission. He sort of forced himself upon me and ever since that time I've liked having my body forced, but not to the extreme. Jeff, what I'm trying to say is I like what you did last night and would love for you to do it again. Maybe I'm sexually strange but knowing I can still at my age excite a young man into wanting me that badly makes me feel good."

By now Mom wasn't keeping the top of her robe tightly closed. In fact she had placed her hands flat on the table top, shifted her body in just the right way and allowed the front of her robe to open. My eyes immediately went to the opening and I loved the view. It was instantly obvious to me she was naked, at least her top half was, and I saw the cleavage of her breasts still mostly hidden inside her robe. Lewd sexual thought began racing through my mind. My loins tingled with excitement as I felt my penis growing. Without a word I rose from my seat and stood on the left side of my Mother. This afforded me the best look at her as I moved my hand and slipped inside the top of her robe. Just as I thought she was naked at least on her chest as my hand cupped and squeezed her naked breast. Mom gasped and inhaled deeply only causing her breast to better fill my hand.

"Jeff you mustn't touch me like that. You know it's wrong to put your hand on your Mothers breast. Just think of what that could lead us into." She half heartedly attempted to remove my hand yet the pressure she place only helped me to more firmly feel her breast.

"I know what you are saying, Mother, but we both know I'm going to have what I want from you. There is nothing you can do to stop me. I so much bigger than you and feeling your naked breast only makes me want you more."

As I squeezed her breast and pulled forcing her to stand Mom valiantly 'fought' me all the way down the hall to her bedroom. As I led her inside she told me how wrong it was for me to force myself upon her, but at the same time she slipped her robe from her body showing me she was just as naked below her waist as above. I took her one hand and placed it directly on my throbbing erection and she whined and pleaded for me to not force her to do such nasty things, but as I released her wrist her hand remained and rubbed me with the lust she felt.

"Jeff you know it's wrong for us to be like this. Please let me cover my naked body so as not to tempt you. Don't force me to slip my hand inside your shorts and feel your young hard erection pulsing to hotly in my hand."

I didn't need to do anything as she gripped my swollen hard shaft. As Mom pleaded her innocence she was stroking me gently all the time making sure I got the most pleasure from her hand.

"Mom I'm going to lay you on your bed, kneel between your legs and put myself into your body. You and I are going to have beautiful sex, we are going to make love and then I'm going to give you all my seed filled sperm. If I'm good enough I will make you pregnant with our child."

Mom's eyes went wide when she heard those words. "You think you are going to force sex on me and then get me pregnant? Jeff I can't allow that. There is now way I can allow you to impregnate me with your child. Please don't force me to have your baby."

I couldn't have stopped the coming events even if I had wanted. Mom lay quickly on her back pulling my by my erection. Once between her raised and spread legs she pulled me to her sex and seconds later I was deep enough inside her my testicles pressed against her tight buttocks.

"Please Jeff don't do this to your Mother. Don't let your hot hard throbbing penis fill me with your sperm filled seed. Don't go through with having sex with me. You don't really want to make your Mother pregnant do you?"

Mom was gripping my buttocks so tightly and pulling me down so hard I really don't think I could have stopped it from happening. While really quite small, only five foot one she possessed strength I would have thought only a woman of twice her size could have. Our love making took well over an hour and I used all the resources at my command to withhold my climax, but finally it came and so did I. Mom had several orgasms and I delighted in each and everyone she had, but it was mine that gave me the most pleasure. From the huge gushing of my youthful seed I was absolutely certain I had impregnated her fertile womb.

Two months later, after Mom missed her second period, we learned she was indeed pregnant. Naturally the Doctor was told nothing and he really didn't seem to care. Mom checked out clean and free from any sort of sexual disease, but of course we both already knew that, and his only concern was her health.

All during Moms pregnancy we practiced and I do mean practiced since only practice makes perfect, sex almost everyday. As time passed Mom took on the glow of motherhood and I only imagine how it was for her when she was carrying me inside her body. Before long her middle showed what my seed had planted and to my great pleasure so did her breasts. At nine months and just before the baby was due Mom had gone from a 36C bra into a huge 42D sized bra. Even before the baby was born, about three weeks, Mom was lactating. Everyday she would wash and clean her breasts and place absorbent pads in the cups of her bra but even that didn't keep her from soaking herself. I don't know how many times I came home from school to find the front of her blouse soaking wet.

It was good that Mom didn't have to work since her divorce from Dad left her financially very well off. She never really had any work skills other than in some fast food joint and besides I didn't want her to work and take away our sexual time. Since I was till in school I was gone most of the day, but when I came home it was like going to heaven. Mom would greet me at the door, kiss me with her lips and tongue then guide my hands to her milk swollen breasts all the while protesting I shouldn't be touching her in that way.

I love it. Each day I would kick the door closed, unbutton her blouse and listen to her pleadings to not do what I was doing. Without exception and I might add at my insistence, every single bra she owned opened with the clasps in front. Once pulling aside the front of her blouse I would unsnap her bra and fondle her growing breasts. As she would everyday Mom would protest and put on her little show of trying to get me to not touch her breasts as I ignored her pleas and bared them. Her breasts would be so full, so heavy and full of milk I would immediately lock my lips around her distended nipples and begin to suckle. Within seconds I would taste the sweet thin milk of my Mother just as if I was still her babe in arms oh so many years ago. It wouldn't be long before I would lead her to what was now our bedroom, having moved in with her, removes her clothing making her naked and we would make love.

Mom had now become large enough we couldn't assume the missionary position that I love so much. Instead she would have to turn and be on her hands and knees in what is commonly called doggy. While it did allow me the same maximum penetration and depth within her body, I wasn't afforded the sight of her now huge and extremely heavy milk filled breasts. Still I could deeply plant my rigid erection inside her and still reach around and fondle her hanging wobbling breasts.

Two weeks later my Mother, my lover, gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. She was the cutest little thing and I couldn't have been prouder unless to be able to proclaim to all the world she was the product of my seed. Still it was Mom and me that knew the real truth and our love grew.

After bringing them both home from the hospital I would spend all the time I could simply watching Mom nurse our child. A week after they came home Mom was nursing and saw the erection in my pants. Her eyes locked on it before she raised them and gazed at me with her loving lust.

"Jeff, it's been a long time since we last made love. We both know it will be another two or three weeks before I'm able but I can't sit back and see you with such need. Why don't you come to me and suckle with our daughter. I'm sure there's something I can do to help you."

I knew what she had in mind and snuggled closely alongside my nursing daughter. As I took Mom's unoccupied breast and swollen milk dripping nipple between my lips she slipped her hand inside my loose shorts and tightly gripped my turgid penis. Together we formed a pattern of her stoking me as I suckled and drank her milk. My breathing grew harsh as I sucked, Mom's hand pumped and jerked on my shaft. As her breast deflated into emptiness my erection erupted splashing my still potent seed over her naked belly and covering her hand. When I was spent Mom lifted her sperm covered hand and licked all my seed until she was clean. Only a few days later Mom declined to use her hand to bring me to climax. From then on, except when we made love, she used her mouth and did for me what I did with her milk filled breasts. She sucked and pulled from my potent testicles my seed and lovingly swallowed all she could get.