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Poor Auntie

by Scorpio00155

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between Aunt and Nephew

I had regretted agreeing to help my older sister out, but a promise was a promise so here was stuck in her living room being stared at by her two sons while she flustered about the room.

"I've left the number where I can be reached by the phone," Maud said for the umpteenth time "there's plenty of food in the..."

"Look Maud," I sighed in exasperation "you've been through this a hundred times already, you will only be gone a week, what the hell can happen in a week?"

Half an hour later Maud finally left the house while her boys, Tom and Clive grinned at each other. I must admit that I had no great liking for kids which was probably why I was still single at twenty-eight, unlike Maud who had wed at seventeen, had her first kid at eighteen and her second at nineteen. She'd still be having them if it hadn't been for the fact that her husband had decided two was enough and gone and got himself doctored. So there I was, stuck for a whole week with two boys, one fifteen years old the other fourteen, who seemed to do nothing but stare at me.

"What?" I asked angrily.

"Your pretty aunt Glenda." Tom smiled in reply.

His response rather took the wind from me, my anger faded and I felt a little flattered to think that the boys found me attractive, even if I do say it myself I have a good body and a face that men find appealing.

"Uh, thank you Tom." I muttered at last.

That should have been the end of it, but I reckoned without the cunning and guile of the boys, had I known kids I would have realised that they were up to something. Clive offered to make me a cup of coffee and when I accepted he disappeared out to the kitchen in double quick time while his older brother showed me to my bedroom and helped me unpack. Not that I had wanted any help, but he was already at work before I could say anything so I shrugged my shoulders and let him get on with it, though I did frown when I saw him grinning at my underwear. A few minutes later Clive appeared with a cup of hot coffee, I took it from him and set it aside so that I could finish unpacking, soon the task was done and I picked up the now cool coffee and took a good swallow of it. The coffee tasted strange, even for fresh brewed and for a moment I had the thought that the Clive had put something in it, but I dismissed this with a shake of my head and instead put it down to my sister's weird taste in coffee. Later that day Tom made me another coffee, it tasted the same as the one Clive had made and I cursed my sister for her ways. At about nine that night I found myself struggling to stay awake, Clive offered me another coffee and I accepted thinking it would help, this time I didn't notice the taste, but the coffee did no good at all. Of course I had come a long way to look after my nephews while my sister and her husband went swanning off on a second honeymoon and because of this it did not seem odd that I should feel tired. Eventually I gave up and headed for bed, I really don't remember climbing into bed.

I woke with a stretch then frowned, something felt wrong though I could not put my finger on it, if I didn't know any better I would have sworn that some-one had been making love to me all night, but that was ridiculous. Sliding out of bed I put on my dressing gown and headed for the bathroom, sitting on the loo I wondered why my pussy felt as though it had been used by a man, the whole idea was ridiculous of course for a man couldn't have fucked me without waking me. Pushing the whole thing out of my mind I had a shower then went back to my room and got dressed, by the time I had got down to the kitchen I felt a lot better and had forgotten my silly suspicions. To my surprise the boys were already up, as I entered the kitchen Tom held out a cup of coffee to me, which I took with a smile as I sat at the kitchen table. Once again the day passed uneventfully, from time to time one or other of the boys would bring me a coffee then go back to whatever it was they were doing leaving me to count the hours to when I could get back to my own life. After dinner the boys sat down to watch telly, I know the program was boring, but it was a surprise to feel myself being shaken awake.

"You look sleepy." Tom smiled down at me.

Blinking I rubbed my eyes and yawned, I did feel sleepy, so much so that I could barely keep my eyes open yet it was only just eight thirty, nevertheless I headed up to bed. As I undressed in a drowsy haze I had the feeling that something was most definitely wrong, but I was too tired to think about it, I was so tired I barely made it into bed.

Once again I woke with the feeling of having been fucked, frowning I stared at the ceiling and thought, eventually it dawned on me that it might not be my imagination.

"The coffee!" I gasped quietly "The little sods are putting something in the coffee."

I sat bolt upright in the bed as it dawned on me that if Tom and Clive were doping me it had to be them having sex with me, at first I was shocked, but then I felt a tingle of excitement. In two minds whether to bawl them out or not I headed for the bathroom where I stared at the small love bite on my right breast, as I went through my morning ritual I thought about the whole situation and by the time I left the bathroom my pussy was wet. While I dressed I came to a decision, the boys had fucked me already, though what pleasure they got from fucking an unconscious body was beyond me, they obviously intended to fuck me all the time I was there, so why not at least get some pleasure out of it myself. I suppose I could have just stopped letting them make me coffee, but then they'd only find some other way to slip me the Mickey, no, this was the best way, if I couldn't stop them I would join them. My plan was simple, I'd let them make me the usual coffees, but when they weren't looking I would dump the stuff, later I would pretend to be sleepy and when they came to have their wicked way with me I would catch them in the act. I smiled at the boys as I entered the kitchen sure in the knowledge that later that night I would be in command of the situation. It was a simple matter to get rid of the coffee without them noticing and later that evening I pretended to fall asleep in the chair in front of the telly.

"Lord I don't know what is wrong with me." I yawned, "I'm just so tired of late, I think I'll head for bed, don't stay up too late."

They promised not to and grinned as I left the room, quickly I went up to my room and went to bed; turning off the light I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. Not ten minutes later I heard the bedroom door open, light turned the inside of my eyelids red as the boys turned on the lights.

"She's asleep." Tom's voice said "Come on help me get the sheets off the bed."

The bed bounced as they pulled and tugged at the covers, it was hard not to react as I felt myself being exposed to their gaze, but I reminded myself that this was not the first time they had looked on my naked body.

"I wish we could have her while she's awake." Clive complained as my legs were pushed apart.

"Perhaps you can." I said opening my eyes and looked at the naked boys.

Both boys nearly jumped through the roof then stood looking sheepish as I began to give them a right dressing down, but as I spoke my eyes were drifting over their bodies and when I saw the sheer size of their cocks I faltered. No wonder I had woken feeling well fucked, the boys were hung like horses and my words drifted into silence at the thought of having those gorgeous pricks deep inside me. Of course this was my undoing, regaining their composure as I stared at their weapons they switched to another ploy, they could see the hunger in my eyes as I stared at their cocks and they fed this by beginning to slowly wank.

"Do you want these?" Tom asked waving his cock towards me.

"Yes." I sighed.

Just like that the tables had been turned again, instead of them being in my power I was enthralled by them, I knew that I would do anything to have their pricks in me and they had sensed this almost immediately. Clive laughed and came a step closer; my eyes followed the motion of his hand on his now erect cock as though it were all that existed.

"Come with us." Tom commanded.

Desperate not to let their mighty tools out of my sight I followed them into what had to be their parent's bedroom where they had me lie in the middle if the king sized bed.

"Show us how you make yourself cum." Tom ordered in a low voice.

Without hesitation I began to play with my tits and pussy while they watched hungrily, as my excitement rose so to did my desire for those pricks, I had never seen pricks so large before and I was desperate to feel them inside me. Had the boys not recovered their wits so quickly things may well have been different, even a small hesitation on their part would have given me the chance to get over the wondrous sight of their cocks, but there had been no time and they had acted quickly to excite me even more. As my body began to tremble with an approaching climax both boys joined me on the bed, one on either side of me, thrusting my fingers into my pussy as deep as I could I closed my eyes and gave in to the rush of ecstasy that hit me. I heard myself groan loudly as my body shook and my mind buzzed, then my climax began to fade, the bed bounced and I opened my eyes in time to see Tom and Clive lean over me to suck my nipples. My fingers were still buried in my pussy as their mouths closed around my nipples, an electric surge of bliss spread from my boobs and I began thrusting my fingers in a frenzy. Within a few seconds I was climaxing again, the boys sucking hard on my nipples as my fingers pushed up into my pussy and when one of them stroked my pussy as well I went wild.

"Oh YES!" I cried as my senses faded to red.

I felt my hands being moved from my pussy, opening my eyes again I tried to focus on my surroundings even as I felt the weight of a body come on top of me. Something rubbed along my slit and a thrill ran through me as I realised that one of the boys was about to take me, my vision cleared and I gasped up at Clive, the younger boy, as he pushed his cock at my pussy. That it was Clive who would be first was a little bit of a surprise, but I was not worried about it, all I wanted was to be fucked and that was what was about to happen. His huge prick pushed at my hole and I felt it forcing its way into me, gasping I tried to thrust up on him, but his size made this difficult.

"AAAAAA!!" I cried out as his massive erection suddenly speared into me.

Clive grinned down at me triumphantly as he lay with his full length inside me for a moment or two.

"Nice." he breathed as he started to pull back "Even tighter than when you are asleep."

Wide eyed and trembling in pre-climax it hit me that it was Clive not Tom that had been behind their ploy of drugging me so that they could use me, then I no longer cared for a red wave of ecstasy washed over me. Thrashing under the slender body of young Clive I climaxed as his cock suddenly thrust back into me, I could hear my voice rising louder and louder in cries of sheer enjoyment while he fucked me with slow strokes. Without conscious control from me my body moved in time with Clive's, his prick pushed into my womb with every thrust making my orgasm grow stronger and stronger. I lost all track of time under his onslaught, gradually his movements became faster and my cries became louder rising to an ecstatic scream when Clive thrust into me one more time and shivered. Deep inside me I felt the sudden hot rush of his seed filling my very womb, he moaned softly though his cry was lost in mine, then he was moving again. Moments later Clive pulled his cock from me and moved from between my legs, gasping I turned my head to look at Tom, he grinned and reached out to roll me onto my stomach.

"Kneel up," he commanded pushing and pulling at me "I want to take you from behind."

Unsteadily I did as he wanted then cried out as his huge prick pushed into my pussy, almost immediately I had an orgasm that had me shaking like a leaf and it took me a few moments to realise that the object touching my lips was Clive's cock glistening with my juices.

"Suck it!" he commanded as his brother began to slide his cock in my pussy.

Opening my mouth to cry out in ecstasy I suddenly felt it filled with the massive girth of the boy's prick, I could taste my juices on his skin mixed with the saltiness of his seed as I gurgled around his flesh. It was like a wild dream, Tom's massive erection plunged in and out of my pussy while I licked and sucked the cock in my mouth, within seconds I was climaxing again, my screams muffled and blocked by Clive's prick. Blissfully I surrendered to them, Tom's cock thrusting in me, Clive's cock filling my mouth and pushing at me throat, orgasm after orgasm ran through each stronger than the one before. Then Tom was pushing into me and trembling, I felt the hot gush of his seed flooding my womb mere moments before Clive's cock twitched and a salty stream of male seed filled my mouth with hot stickiness that I greedily swallowed as fast as I could. For a moment both boys were still, their pricks lodged in my pussy and mouth as they savoured the joy of their climax, then they began to move again sending waves of bliss burning through me. After a few more minutes the boys moved away from me and I collapsed face down on the bed gasping and quivering as my overloaded senses tried to recover themselves.

"Damn she's good." Tom breathed heavily.

"Yeah," Clive replied breathlessly "I can't wait to try her arse."

"God no!" I protested weakly as the bed bounced.

My nerves jangled and my muscles felt like jelly as I tried to roll over, a hand pressed on my back holding me still and (I gulped at the air in an effort to ease the exhaustion of my body. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Clive take something from a drawer of the bedside cabinet then move out of my range of vision, a second later the bed bounced again and Tom came to sit near my head. A hand touched my buttocks and I felt an icy chill at the thought that Clive was not going to wait, he intended taking me in the arse right here and right now.

"Please no," I pleaded in a weak whisper "Tom please stop him."

Tom's only reply was to grin down at me as something cool and greasy poked at my anus for a moment before slipping into me.

"NO!" I cried as the something began to fuck my arse.

A few minutes later it dawned on me that the 'something' was one of Clive's fingers, it moved out of me then returned a moment later bearing a fresh coating of whatever it was Clive was using to lubricate my back passage. Clive finger fucked my arse for the next ten minutes or so, every so often he would add more of the lubricant to the coating he had already put in me and despite myself I began to feel excitement and pleasure at what he was doing. All this faded when I felt Clive move his finger and his weight pressing against my back, I cried out as his massive cock pushed hard at my anus and felt relief when he failed to penetrate me. My relief quickly faded when Clive gave a hard shove and his knob forced open my tight little hole.

"NO!" I screamed as his cock moved deeper into me.

My cries fell on deaf ears and I nearly fainted with the pain of his gigantic cock forcing its way deeper and deeper into my arse.

"No!" I sobbed, "Please don't do this!"

"God this is fantastic." Clive groaned as he finally succeeded in getting his whole cock into me "Jesus it feels so tight."

Slowly so as to increase his own pleasure Clive began to fuck me, his cock sliding in and out of my arse, his movements becoming easier as my back passage stretched to accommodate him. After a short while I began to feel something other than pain, gradually feelings of pleasure pushed aside the pain and before long I was gasping in climax, to my shame I heard myself pleading with Clive to fuck me harder. His laughter sounded almost cruel as he did as I had requested, but his harder, faster thrust only served to increase the pleasure I was receiving making my orgasm even more powerful. On and on Clive went, his cock ripping in and out of my arse like some mighty piston until, with a loud groan, he pushed deep into me and had his own climax. A surge of heat filled me in a place I had never expected to be filled as I thrust back against him and scream in wild abandon as he lay quivering on top of me. Moments later Clive pulled his cock from my arse and moved away from me, but he had barely moved when Tom moved to take his place. Once again I screamed as a cock forced its way into my arse, once again I felt the pain of entry being pushed aside by the bliss of pleasure and once again I cried out to be fucked hard, a demand that was quickly met. It could have been minutes or hours later that I felt Tom push deep into my back passage to fill me with the hot surge of his seed, by then I was barely aware of my surroundings and when he finally pulled his prick from I lay semi-conscious and shaking for quite some time.

Gradually my body calmed, with an effort I managed to roll over onto my back, the boys were sitting on the edge of the bed to either side of me, their lips curled in wide smiles as I looked from one to the other of them.

"How do you feel?" Tom asked.

"Exhausted." I breathed "Exhausted and satisfied."

"Well," Clive laughed, "it seems that you like our attentions."

"God yes!" I gasped without thinking "I love them!"

"In that case" Clive laughed even louder "you might mind them again."

It was an effort to understand what he was getting at and when it finally sunk in I looked at him with wide eyes filled with surprise and growing excitement.

"No," I whispered submissively "I won't mind at all."

It was a shock and a thrill to realise that I was putty in the hands of my sister's sons, the time for resistance had passed long ago, they had possessed me body and mind. Trembling I waited for what was to surely come.

"Good," Clive drawled, "So you won't object to walking around the house naked for the rest of your stay."

"No, I won't object." I responded in a low voice.

"Nor to Tom and me taking you whenever it takes our fancy." Clive laughed victoriously.

"I won't object." I breathed weakly.

"Poor Aunty is going to be exhausted." Tom grinned at me.

Clive laughed again then he and his brother helped me to the bathroom, showered me while at the same time exploring my body with their hands until I climaxed, only then did they take me to my room, put me in bed and leave me to sleep.

When I woke I wondered if I had dreamed the whole event, but the sudden ache of my arse told me that it had all happened, nervously I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Back in my bedroom a short while later I started to get dressed then paused, Clive had all but told me that I should not wear any clothes in the house, trembling I took off all but my stockings and slippers then made my way down to the kitchen. As I walked into the kitchen Clive nudged his brother and grinned, both boys were fully clothed and I felt exposed as I moved towards them. Smiling hugely Clive suddenly cleared the kitchen table, it was no surprise to find myself being bent over it, looking up at Tom I waited for my first fuck of the day. Crying out with delight when I at last felt Clive's massive prick filling my pussy to capacity I wondered whether I would get through the rest of the week and if I would be free of their dominance even when I finally went back to my own home. Putting my thoughts aside I revelled in the pleasure of being fucked by one of the mightiest cocks I had ever seen, 'let the future take care of itself' I thought to myself as I rose to my first climax of the day.