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Samantha's Not-so-alone Time

by larrythehusband

Caution: This story contains strong Incest Elements of sex between brother and sister

I should have known it was too good to be true. Mom and Dad said they would be out shopping all afternoon. But I figured I didn't have to worry about them. Without fail, no matter how long they said they would be gone, it was inevitable that it would be twice as long as they predicted before they got back. If they were just "running to the store for a few things" and said they would be back in fifteen minutes, it would be a minimum of thirty, if not forty five or even an hour. This time they said they would be gone "a couple of hours." Therefore I knew it would be many hours until they returned, probably not until well after dinner time.

"You sure you don't want to come along?" My mom had asked.

"No, I'm just gonna hang here, maybe watch a movie or something," I said.

"We'll be gone for a couple of hours," my dad added. Yeah, right.

"OK Guys. Take your time. I love you both."

"Call us, or text us if you need anything Samantha."

"I will, Mom."

"We love you too, Honey," My dad told me. "And remember to lock the door when we go, Sammie. You'll be here all alone."

"OK, Dad. Although, I am seventeen, in case you forgot. I have been home alone before. But of course, I'll throw the deadbolt as soon as you're gone."

My little brother Bobby had slept over at his friend Drew's house the night before. They had soccer practice, or little league, or bowling ... something like that ... that morning. Then he was spending the rest of the day with Drew's family, which he does all the time. I was sure that after whatever activity they had (soccer, kite flying, etc.), they would all go to get something to eat, or for ice cream, or to a movie or something like that. My mom said Bobby was staying at Drew's again that night, so I didn't think I had to worry about seeing him at all. Besides, he's loud as hell, so I felt certain that if he came home unexpectedly, I would hear him from the moment he entered the house.

All-in-all, I figured I would be all alone long enough to get myself off at least ... five times ... maybe more. I couldn't wait! The truth is that I play with myself pretty much every day. Sometimes more than once. But I never have privacy. Usually I get off a quick one in the shower in the morning, or when I go to bed at night. Sometimes I get so horny that I diddle my cunt in the bathroom at school between classes, or even in the changing rooms at work if I'm really desperate.

But I'm rarely totally alone. Which for one thing means, I rarely get to use toys. Not only do I not own any of my own, but a few of the ones I sneak out of my mom's nightstand make fairly loud buzzing noises. Not that I would ever dream of sneaking one out and using it when anyone else was home. Then there's fact that I myself like to make some serious noises when I cum ... given that I have sufficient privacy, which now I would finally have! Hell yeah!

When there are others in the house I usually stifle myself pretty well.

"MMmm. Oohh. Oh yeah..." will all come out of me, at very low volume.

But when I'm all by myself it's more like...

"Oh YYEEEAAAHHHH!!! OHHHH Fuck Me! Fuck Me! OOOOOOOOOhhh..." and all kinds of shit like that.

I enjoy getting off in the shower, of course. There's nothing like being totally wet, and slippery, and soapy and warm. And your fingers slide easily into whatever hole you feel like putting them in. But what I like even better is to take a nice shower so I feel all clean and fresh, then dry myself off, and lay totally naked on my bed, free to touch and pinch and diddle to my heart's content.

That day I played around in the shower, but I didn't get myself even close to orgasm ... not even once. I was saving it. It was sort of a preview of "cumming" attractions ... lol.

Finally I was all done, clean and dry. Knowing I had the house to myself, I left the bathroom door open when I showered, and when I dried myself off. I walked totally naked down the hall to my bedroom ... I really like being naked btw. I flopped myself down on the bed and just lay there feeling the air on my skin for a while.

I looked over at the chair next to my bed and saw that my mom had left me clean sheets, which I would need to put on later. Then a thought entered my mind. I remembered how great it always feels to get into bed right after the sheets have been changed. The clean, fresh ones feel so awesome.

But then I thought about how my pussy gets extremely wet, especially when I'm experiencing really intense satisfaction, which was what I was planning to experience. If I had my big diddle-fest on the sheets that were already on my bed, I would leave a big wet spot. But it wouldn't matter since when I was done I would just strip off the dirty sheets, wet spot and all, put on the clean ones, and throw the others in the wash.

Then I thought of how great it would feel to be completely naked on those fresh cotton sheets, laying there getting myself off over and over. I knew that would just add to the whole experience. So I figured, what the hell? I could always just wash the sheets again and put 'em back on. In fact, I figured, all I really needed was the bottom sheet, since what I wanted most was to lay on the bed with nothing on, totally out in the open with no risk of being seen.

"This is so fucking cool!" I said, aloud but to myself.

So, I sprung out of my bed, pulled off all the bedding and threw it in a pile on the floor, then put the clean bottom sheet on my bed. I know it sounds like this all took a long time, but this went through my head in all of about one minute. Anyway, I was right about how incredible it felt to be completely unfettered by clothes on top of the crisp, clean, fresh cotton sheet.

I just lay there for a bit, then I rolled over a few times so I could feel the sheet all over my body. Then I just let my hands start to roam over myself, touching very lightly, making myself tingle when I traced patterns around various areas with my fingertips. I let myself start moaning quietly as my hands explored. I ran them all over; behind my neck and shoulders, down my sides and my ass, including my squeaky clean crack, my tummy, my legs. I even brought my feet up off the bed so I could rub them. The journey to ecstasy had begun.

By the time I had caressed every inch of my body, I could tell that my cunt was plenty wet to get things going. I settled one hand on my breast and began squeezing it softly while the other hand quickly found it's way to the pot of gold. I had purposely barely touched this area when I was covering the rest of the area, so now it was just aching for some attention.

"Oooooohhhhhh," came out of my mouth involuntarily as soon as my fingertip made a single pass over the outside of my slit.

I gently worked my way in. As I expected, I was already so wet that it was like sliding my finger into warm butter that's just starting to melt.

"Oh ... fffuuuuuuck!" I said aloud, looking around the room just to reassure myself that I could be as loud as I wanted. "Oh that feels soooo good!"

Then it was on! My touches went fairly quickly from long, slow strokes up and down my well lubricated vagina, to firm, more concentrated rubbing. I brought my tit-squeezing hand down to help the other one gain full access. With one hand I spread my lips, which had come out of their hiding place, and pulled back my hood, while the index finger of the other hand began encircling my clitoris lightly.

Orgasm number one came along pretty quickly. I clamped my legs together on both hands when the trembling started and just wiggled my fingers a bit during the event. My hands were pretty moist by the time they emerged from between my thighs.

I knew what I wanted then. Penetration. One slippery hand went first to my mouth for a quick lick, then back to one of my tits to begin nipple pinching. With the other hand, first one, then two, then three fingers disappeared inside me. A few minutes later "earthquake" number two hit. I pinched my nipple as hard as I could when I started cumming, which makes the most amazing jolts of pleasurable pain shoot through my whole body. I fucking love that feeling.

"OOOOOhhhhhhhhooooowww ... ow ... ow ... ow! Fuck yes!" all spilled out of my mouth.

When I settled down and got ready for round three, I knew it was toy time. But I realized that my musings about being naked on my clean sheet had lead me to forget all about getting a vibrator from my mom's drawer. I cursed my mistake but didn't wait long to correct it. I rolled out of bed, quickly surveyed how big the wet spot on the clean sheet had gotten already, then ran nude to my parents bedroom.

I was very tempted to pull back their covers and have a naked roll between their sheets. The idea of doing something that felt pretty kinky was very appealing. But I figured there would be all kinds of tedious cover-up I would have to perform so that I didn't have to explain how their bed had gotten messed up. I abandoned the idea and went for the toy store ... I mean drawer ... lol!

My mom's drawer was like a toy store ... the adult version of course. I don't know if she actually thought her array of sex-enhancers was a secret, or what. But I had known about them since I was like six. It wasn't until a few years after that when I had any idea what they were for, even in general terms. But way back then something told me the drawer wasn't something I should ask about, so I never did.

Among the plethora of pleasure inducers I found one that really appealed to me. It was a very long, thick, blue, bullet style vibrator. I had never used this one before, even though I had seen it in the drawer. I knew my cunt was up for some serious action and I knew plunging that monster inside would give it a great ride. I gave the vibe a quick sniff and confirmed that it was clean. My mom keeps a bottle of alcohol and some little towels in the drawer, so I figure she always sanitizes things after each use.

For some reason when I used my mom's toys, I never gave much thought to the fact that they've surely been on, or in her pussy, her asshole and who knows where else before they ever touched mine. Maybe if I had thought more about it I would have felt weird using them, but I never really did.

Back to my room I scampered, Big Blue Boy in hand. I knew the Orgasm Express had barely even left the station yet. The two times I had cum so far were nice, but they were hardly the big payoff I so badly needed. I flopped onto my bed and wasted no time in firing up the vibrator and putting it to work. I didn't put it in right away. I just used the very tip, running it up and down my slit, pausing briefly on my clit, then up and down again. A couple of times I teased my very wet hole just a little, but no more than that.

After a little more exploring with my artificial Big Blue Cock, it was time to start the real show. I was so ready to be fucked by that thing, and fucked hard. I pressed it more firmly against my clit and rubbed it a little. I turned up the speed a bit, closed my eyes, and started to push it into myself.

"OH Fuck Yeaaaah!!!" I exclaimed as I felt the toy just starting to fuck me. I put it in a little, let it slide itself back out, then I put it back in further, then pushed it out from the inside, then repeated that several more times until I was at least halfway penetrated by the monster. I briefly wondered if I would ever meet a guy who could use his cock to pleasure me half as well as I could do with a vibrator by myself. Not so far, but I'm still young ... lol!

"This is incredible," I said aloud to my bedroom walls. "This feels soooooo fucking awesome!"

I pictured myself sort of, from outside my body. I imagined what my naked body looked like, laying in the middle of the bed, nothing but me, the sheet (which by now had a pretty big wet spot), and my buzzing friend. I just loved the way everything felt. I loved being totally exposed. I got a huge kick imagining what I must look like on my bed like that. I wished I had a mirror on my ceiling so I could watch me fucking myself. I opened my eyes to just slits, trying to imagine myself standing there looking at the horny girl giving it to herself completely uncovered.

For a second I thought I actually saw myself standing there. I laughed at the notion and opened my eyes only to find that my notion wasn't far off. Of course I wasn't standing there watching myself. But my brother Bobby was.

"FUCK! What the FUCK?!?" I screamed. "What the ... Bobby what the FUCK! What the FUCK are you doing here?"

At first I was so startled and overcome that it didn't even dawn on me that I was naked in front of my little brother, or that I had a vibrator shoved up my kitty. When I realized it, I instinctively grabbed for my blanket to pull it over me and cover myself. Unfortunately my blankets and sheets were still in the same pile on the floor, totally out of my reach.

"Bobby, what are you doing here?" I demanded to know. "You're supposed to be gone all night! And what are you doing in my fucking room?"

My screams had gone from total shrieking to basic yelling at the top of my lungs. And Bobby just stood there staring at me. I don't know what he was thinking would happen. He must have known I was gonna catch him. He was standing right out in the open next to my bed.

"I'm sorry, Sam," he said, not seeming nearly as scared as I wanted him to be. "Drew got sick and his parents dropped me off at home."

"How did you get in without me hearing you, you idiot?"

"I don't know. I came in the way I always do. I even called out to see if anyone was here."

"Well what the fuck? What are you doing in my ... Hey! What are you doing!?!"

It wasn't until that moment that I realized in horror that my brother's pants were down and his dick was in full view, and I guessed in almost full erection.

"What am I doing? What are you doing, Sam?"

"What does it look like I'm doing? I'm trying to be alone! Anyway, get the hell out of here and put your pants back on you pervert!"

It started to sink in that Bobby didn't seem terribly nervous or anything. I would have thought he could tell how fucking mad I was and how much trouble he would be in. But he didn't seem like those things had even crossed his mind.

"I see what you're doing, Sammie. You're playing with yourself, while Mom and Dad are out. And I see that you're using one of mom's vibrators on yourself. And I see that you have wine right there next to the bed."

I forgot to mention that to top off my experience, I had poured myself a big glass of wine from the cabinet downstairs before I got started. I was going to lay in bed and sip it after my body was completely spent from orgasms.

"You ... So what? Get out of here, now you little freak!"

"I don't want to."

"What? What are you talking about you little jerk?"

"I don't think Mom and Dad would be too thrilled at what you're doing, any more than they would about what I'm doing."

"Look Bobby. Fuck! Look, you caught me ... in the middle, OK? Will you just please get out of here so I can ... you know ... finish? I really, really need ... to finish."

"Really? Why?"

"Why? Shit. It doesn't matter why. Just get out of my room."

I knew full well that if I stopped at the two tiny orgasms I had experienced up to that point, without bringing myself to at least one big, smashing cum, I would be climbing the walls in no time.

"I want to know why," Bobby repeated.

"Idiot! Fine. Look, once I get going like this, it's like, the hardest thing in the world to even think about stopping. I need to finish what I was doing. Please, get OUT!"

I couldn't believe I was explaining my sexual needs to my little-shit of a brother! Unfortunately Bobby could tell that I was feeling less and less in control. He was of course right, Mom and Dad wouldn't be too happy about me doing either of the things I was doing. I mean, I don't think they would care if I was masturbating. They would surely understand that. But me getting off with mom's Big Blue Buddy, or especially drinking wine ... those things would bring real consequences, I was sure. Then another thought occurred to me.

"Hey, Jerk-Wad ... how do you know this is Mom's vibrator, anyway?"

"Are you kidding, Sam? I've known about Mom's toy drawer for years, just like you have. She thinks it's hidden. What a joke. Mom keeps toys in her drawer and Dad keeps porn DVDs and a couple of magazines in his."

"He does? Shit. I never looked in his drawer. I never thought about it."

"Yep. You should look sometime. He has very interesting tastes. But anyway, go ahead and finish. But I'm not leaving."

"You ... Bobby! What is wrong with you? You are a fucking pervert ... more than I even thought! You can't think you're going to stand here and watch your sister!"

All of a sudden a question came to my mind. Why wasn't I totally uncomfortable being completely naked in front of my little brother? I should have been running for my closet or my bathroom, or diving under the bed or something. But instead of feeling totally embarrassed, I kind of felt more excited. I wondered if maybe I was the real pervert in the room.

"You're beautiful, Sammie. You're so fucking hot. All my friends know it. Everybody at school knows it. I've never cared that you were my sister. I love the way you look naked."

"Hey, how long have you been here, anyway?"

"I don't know exactly. I think I got here right when you were going into the shower."

"When I was going into the shower? I left the door open. Were you watching me through the shower door? Were you hiding somewhere and watching me the whole time?"

"Yeah, I guess I was. Sorry."

"You little fucker. Ohhhhhh, why is this happening?" I groaned.

I closed my eyes, put a hand over my face and considered my options. I could try to forcibly throw my brother out, but even though I'm two years older than him and pretty strong, I probably couldn't do that. I could run into my bathroom and wait until he left my room, then get dressed. I could ... no ... I couldn't possibly do that. Could I?

I took my hand away and opened my eyes. Bobby was still just standing there. I swear he had a little smile on his face.

"Would you either leave," I said, trying one more time to talk some sense into him, "or at least put your pants back on?"

"Nope," he said as his little smile turned into a big one.

"You suck Bobby. You know that? You suck."

I knew full well there was absolutely no way I could stop. I was wound tighter than a drum. I had been sooooo anticipating cumming really, really hard, several times. I desperately needed release the tension that had built up in my body.

So, knowing my little brother was standing just a few feet from my bed, with his dick out, I started to masturbate again. At first I closed my eyes so I didn't have to see him there. But it wasn't like I could really forget. And then something totally unexpected happened. Suddenly I felt a strange, thrilling feeling rushing over me. My heart started beating really fast ... even faster than when I was climaxing a little while earlier.

I looked at Bobby again. I saw him intently watching me. His eyes surveyed me from head to toe, then back again. That thrilling rush inside me got even stronger. It was like my whole body was starting to pulsate, like my clit does when I cum.

"You're gorgeous, Sammie," he said softly, in a way I had never heard him speak before.

"I can't believe you, Bobby," I said, no longer feeling nor emitting any anger. "I can't believe you're doing this. I'm your sister."

"I know."

He had his cock in his hand, as I assumed he did before I opened my eyes. It was totally hard and kind of red. I was looking at my brother's hard dick. And I didn't mind. What was wrong with me?"

"MMMmmmm, Bobby this is so fucked up. Ohhhhh shit. I ... fuck. I think I like you watching me."

"Good. That's good, Sammie."

"OOOhhhhhhh," I moaned ... or more like, I let out another groan of disbelief.

My cunt was flowing freely with my juices. That hadn't slowed down at all. I pushed the big vibrator in as far as it could go. I was holding it in firmly, pressing it against my cervix while it did its job. I started rubbing my clit with my other hand.

"Keep going, Sam. I want to see you cum. I really, really want to see it."

"Didn't you already see it?"

"Yeah I guess. But I know you're capable of cumming harder than that."

"You know I am? How exactly do you know anything about how I cum, Bobby?"

"My room's right next door to yours, Sam. Do you really think I can't hear you at night after you go to bed?"

"Ohhhh, no way. Are you serious? You hear me? Fuck!"

"It's OK, really. I like it. I do it along with you."

"Ohhhhhh," another big groan. "Why the hell do I like the idea of that ... of you doing it with me? I am the pervert! I'm the big sister corrupting her little brother!"

"You're just a super hot girl, Sammie. You didn't do anything bad."

"MMmmm..." That time it was a moan coming out of me. "Oh fuck, fuck, fuck! I'm gonna fucking cum. Oh it feels sooooooo fucking good. And I can't believe how fucked up I am, Bobby. But it is just amazing having you watching me! I'm so fucked up!"

"It's OK, Sam. I'm gonna cum pretty soon too."

"This is like, incest, you know, Bobby?"

"It is not, Sam. It's not incest unless ... unless we actually fuck."

"Let's not even go there! I don't know if I'll ever get over this, much less ... that idea!"

"Fine, I won't think about it. I won't think about ... fucking you ... not right now."

"Jerk. MMMMMMmmmm I am gonna ... fuck it ... fuck it's soooo good. OOHhhhhhhhmmmm..."

My orgasm hit before Bobby's did. It was one of the biggest, maybe the biggest I ever had. There wasn't a moment's doubt that what at first seemed like the most horrifying thing I could have imagined, my brother watching me masturbate naked, ended up being the biggest turn-on I had ever experienced. I swear I came so hard I felt like I was gonna pass out.

Finally, my climax was slowing down and ending, but not my brother's.

"Ohhh Sammie, ohhhh yesss..."

"Oh, not on my rug!" I suddenly exclaimed. "Don't cum on my rug, Bobby! Shit ... my panties. Get a pair of my panties from..."

Before I could finish Bobby darted to my dresser, opened the third drawer from the bottom in the middle, pulled out a pair of my black cotton panties, I think just in time, and unloaded in them.

"Ohhh shit! Oh fuck, Sam ... fuck!"

He closed his eyes, held my panties tightly around the end of his cock, and twitched and spasmed until he had completely emptied his balls.

I lay there, still totally nude, hand across my face again, shaking my head.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck," I mumbled. "How the hell did this happen to me?"

"It wasn't so bad, was it, Sam?"

"Oh, fuck. No, Bobby. No, it was really, really fucking good. Which is really, really fucking bad."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, this is some fucked up, taboo shit here. I thought you were a fucking pervert, spying on me and jerking off and everything. But Bobby ... I fucking LOVED having you watch me! I'm more of an incest pervert than you are!"

"Who cares, Sammie?"

"Well, Mom and Dad wouldn't be too happy about it, as you pointed out earlier."

"They'll never know, Sam."

"I don't know, then. Doesn't it seem pretty fucking wrong for me to totally get off on my little brother watching me masturbate?"

"Who knows what's fucked up, Sam? Why don't we try this another time and see how it feels then, before we decide how wrong it is?"

"Get the fuck out of here, Little Bro," I said, only half joking. "We are never, ever doing this again."

"You don't sound too convinced of that, Sammie," he said.

"Like I told you, you little shit. You suck. Hey, something just occurred to me, Bobby."


"How did you exactly which drawer my underwear was in? You found my panties pretty fucking fast. Why is that?"

"Um ... just lucky?"

"Lucky my ass. OK, I don't want to know how many times you've jerked off with my panties. But for now, just give them back to me. And seriously, will you finally get out of my room ... now?"

He still had my underwear wrapped around the head of his dick. He kind of twisted them off, I assume to catch whatever cum was left coating the head, then tossed them to me. I pointed a single finger toward my door.

"You really want me to go?"

"Yes. Out, Mister, and I mean it."

Finally my brother turned and walked out of my room. I closed my eyes again and shook my head back and forth, giving one final "what the fuck is wrong with me" groan before doing what I knew I had to do. I needed one more serious cum to keep me from going out of my mind for the rest of the afternoon and night.

Now, I was pretty sure Bobby hadn't really left, but rather had just ducked around the corner and was waiting to look back in when he could. And I'm guessing he knew that I knew he was still there. But by then I didn't care who was watching me.

I sighed as I brought those crumpled black panties to my face. I had already pushed the vibrator deep inside my pussy once more. I pressed my underwear against my mouth and my tongue worked through the folds for a few seconds until they found what they were looking for.

I've had cum in my mouth plenty of times since I started having sex. I've never minded it at all. But this was the first time that I actually craved the taste and the feel of semen on my tongue and my lips.

I held the vibrator tightly inside me, penetrating as far as it possibly could. I squeezed my legs tightly together again to make sure the vibrations had the full effect on my aching clitoris. I found my brother's cumshot in my panties and opened them up to the right spot. The globs of his still warm semen just followed my tongue and entered my mouth.

I started cumming with the biggest, most intense orgasm I have ever had ... bigger even than the one a few minutes earlier ... as I licked the slippery ejaculate from my underwear and swirled it in my mouth. My orgasm piqued right around the time that I swallowed my brother's load. I held the panties in place for at least a minute, maybe more, as the heat and electricity washed over my body again and again.

When I finally came back to earth and removed my undergarment from my face, I looked to the doorway and saw no one. I'm as certain as I can be that Bobby stayed and watched me cum again while I licked his his load out of my panties, but then ducked away before I opened my eyes.

I should have known that there was no way I was really going to have the house to myself that afternoon. My luck just doesn't work that way. But I guess I can't really complain too much. I had four orgasms, two of them by far the biggest I have ever, ever had. I discovered that being watched turns me on more than I could ever have imagined. And I found out that not only is my little brother a totally fucked-up pervert (which I already knew), but that I'm just as bad a pervert myself, maybe even worse. I guess my luck isn't so bad after all ;-)