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Unintended Consequences

by John Demille

Caution: This story contains a lot of sex between a cheating slutty wife and a decent man. If you like to read about anal sex and clean ass to mouth sex then proceed.

This is a true story. Yes, this actually happened. No, it’s not a sophisticated story with an extensive plot. Just an event that happened to me a while back. I’ve changed the names of course to protect the guilty.

Has it ever happened to you that you say something to be nice to someone and that leads to down a rabbit hole you’ve never expected?

This is one of those instances.

I knew Jay from work. We weren’t friends or anything close, just normal work acquaintances.

This started at a work party that one of the bosses threw on a Sunday to celebrate something, a big win for the company or something similar. I didn’t care about the details enough to remember.

So it was at this party that I met Kay, Jay’s wife, for the first time. They’ve been married for two years and they’d had a son about a year ago. Kay still had some pregnancy fat on her and she was complaining about how she didn’t have the time to work out much and was having trouble losing her pregnancy’s extra weight. At this point Jay was a talking to the sales rep for our department and was out of sight.

“I don’t think you need to worry about it much. You look really good.”

“You’re just saying that.”

She did look good. I never favoured skinny women, but still. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t kick a skinny gal out of bed, but if I got to choose I always went home with girls with a bit more padding. I don’t really like grabbing on to bones. And Kay had just enough padding in all the right places.

“No really, you do look good. If I saw you from far I wouldn’t think you had a baby or anything.”

“Oh yeah?”

“Yeah, the extra weight is distributed really well on you. You look curvy, which is very nice.”

“I know you’re just being a nice guy. Jay doesn’t think that way. He’s been bugging me to go back to the same weight I was when we got married.”

“I don’t know about what Jay thinks, but as far as I’m concerned you look perfect. No need to lose an ounce.”

“You’re serious, aren’t you.”


“Well, what’s my best feature in your opinion?”

I heard that many new mothers don’t like being told their boobs look good because eventually when their hormones settle their breasts deflate. So I chose the safe option.

“Your ass.”

“My Ass?”

“Yes, your ass is definitely your best feature, but only by a narrow margin. I would give it an eleven on a scale of ten. And the rest just ten out of ten.”

“You like my ass that much, huh?”

“If I had to choose, then your ass it is.” I was being straight forward knowing that nothing would come of this and I was only trying to make Kay feel good about herself.

“Well then, why don’t you come over tomorrow and play with it?”

I almost spit out my drink that I was sipping at that particular instant.


“Jay has been pretty boring since the baby was born; he’s going on a business trip tomorrow to Seattle. I’ll be all alone and lonely. Come over and we can have some fun.”

“I don’t know about that. Jay’s my friend—”

“Bullshit. I know all of Jay’s friends and your name never came up.”

“I don’t know what to say.”

“Say yes. It’s that simple.”

“Ok. Yes, I would love to.”

I’m not an asshole that goes after other men’s wives, but I’m not an idiot either. An offer for a married ass without commitment is a great offer and only a total dweeb would decline.

With that Kay extended her hand, “Can I have your phone for a sec?”

“Ok.” And I unlocked my phone and handed it to her.

She entered her phone number and address into my address book and sent herself a message to get my phone number.

“Come over around eight. The baby would be asleep and everything quiet.”

“I will.”

“See you tomorrow.”

Kay walked away searching for her husband. I didn’t know what to do with myself at that moment, so I left the party and went home.

Monday I couldn’t get much work done. My mind kept replaying the silly conversation that I had with Kay and the astonishing development that resulted from it. Hind sight as they say is 20/20. As I contemplated our conversation the previous evening I marvelled at how Kay manipulated the conversation and guided me through it. What man would tell a woman that she didn’t look good, no matter how blind he was. She knew that I would be nice to her and try to make her feel good about herself and she used that to lure me in.

At eight sharp I knocked on the door not wanting to wake the sleeping baby. The door opened almost immediately as though Kay was standing behind it.

Kay holding her phone to her ear and she put her finger on my lips to keep me from talking lest whoever on the phone heard me.

“Alright hon, I have to go now, my bath is full.” She said into the phone while pulling me by my belt towards the living room. She was taking charge. I didn’t like that very much.

“…” I couldn’t hear was Jay said to her.

“Yeah, love you too. I’ll talk to you tomorrow.” And Kay pressed the button on her cell ending the call.

“Sorry about that, I couldn’t get off the phone before you got here.” Kay said while kneeling in front of me.

“Don’t give it a second thought.” I replied while Kay was fiddling with my belt and undoing it.

Quickly enough she had undone my belt, my pants’ button and zipper and then had my pants and underwear around my knees.

Kay had a beautiful face with full lips that soon were around the base of my flaccid penis.

The speed that things progressed from me knocking on her door to my cock hardening in her mouth was astonishing. I had imagined that we would have some conversation and then things would progress slowly, but I was pleasantly mistaken.

Once my cock was fully hard, Kay slowed her bobbing on it considerably. I’ve seen that before and I knew what it meant. I grabbed the hair behind her head with both hands and slowly pushed my cock deeper into her mouth. Kay responded by putting her hands on my butt cheeks signalling that she’s ready for whatever I may want to do. Obviously she wanted some rough sex.

I didn’t disappoint her. As I felt her hands grasp my butt cheeks, I pulled my cock out until only the tip remained between her lips and fairly quickly shoved it to the back of her throat. Kay gagged just a little bit and as I was about to pull back, I felt her hands tighten on my ass and she pulled me harder and amazingly enough all the way down her throat. She didn’t stop pulling on my ass even though her nose was firmly pressed into my belly.

I had never been so thoroughly deep throated before and it felt simply amazing. This woman wanted hard sex and wasn’t too shy about it.

Kay didn’t let off my ass and kept my cock in her throat for way longer than I would have ever dared to do with a woman. Kay wanted her throat fucked.

I obliged.

As soon as I felt her hands let go a little, I pulled back and gave her a second to breathe and once I felt she had taken a full breath I jammed my cock back down her throat as though I were fucking a pussy. It felt simply amazing.

The physical sensation was really good. Kay’s throat was definitely tighter than a pussy and the mental high from her willingness to engage in this kind of sex was amazing.

For the next few minutes I fucked her throat in what I could only imagine to be a brutal way on the receiving end, spread out over fifteen or twenty seconds bursts of fucking followed by a three or four second break for her to breathe.

It was incredible. The sensation on the head of my dick was phenomenal and the feeling of power was to match.

No more than five minutes of face fucking I was ready to blow my load. After a longish break for Kay, I didn’t need to warn her, but I’m sure my louder grunts did the job of telling her of my impending orgasm.

I took a firm hold of Kay’s head and fucked her face hard. When the first jet left my cock I felt it from my toes all the way to the top of my head. It felt like a seizure or something. I must have buried my cock down her throat for almost a minute when I came to my senses and let go of her head. She pulled off coughing and breathing hard. I staggered back and managed to land on a couch behind me.

It took both of us a couple minutes to calm down and become aware of the other.

“Holy shit! Are you OK?”

“Yeah, I’ll be fine. I thought for sure you’re going to choke me to death with that big dick. It must have stayed buried for more than a minute down my throat.”

“I’m sorry. Didn’t mean to hurt you. I guess I got a little carried away. I’ve never had anybody take a throat fucking like you before.”

“Yeah, I love being face fucked. I wouldn’t have let you if I didn’t.”

“You do? Wow!”

“I don’t know why but I do. I come really hard when somebody does that and I play with myself at the same time. Look at my legs, they’re soaked with my pussy juice.”

“Is that a puddle under you?”

“Yep, I told you, I come so hard and I squirt.”

“Jay is definitely a lucky bastard.”

“Not really.”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“Well, our sex life is tame. None of this stuff happens between me and Jay.”

“What are you talking about? You don’t do this kind of stuff with your own husband?”

“Not really.”

“Why not?”

“It’s complicated.”

“How can sex be complicated?”

“You’re not married. So you can’t understand.”


“Well, see with my husband, there is more than just sex going on. We have our life together and there is a power dynamic going on. I can’t just give him anything he wants. If I do, then I won’t have much to negotiate with.”

“So you control him with sex?”

“Well, duh.”


“You’ve never been in a long term relationship before?”

“Yeah, three years.”

“Well, how was she in the sack? How often did you get laid?”

“At the beginning it was often, every day and sometimes twice a day or more, then it got less gradually. I guess we got bored with each other or something.”

“Really? How often did you want sex in that last year?”

“I don’t know, about average? Three or four times a week I would guess.”

“And how often did you actually have sex?”

“Once or twice if the bitch was in the mood or didn’t have a headache.”

“Think back. Was there any requests or suggestions that she made to allow you more sex?”

“Well now that you mention it, there was.”

“See, she was manipulating you with sex. At the beginning of the relationship she lured you with a lot of sex and got you hooked. Once you got used to it, she put the brakes on and started using sex to manipulate you.”

“Fuck me.”

“Yeah, with the person you are in a relationship with you can’t give everything all the time, they will get bored and take you for granted and won’t compromise when you need them to.”

“Yeah, I guess so. But that’s pathetic—and sad.”

“That’s life. You have to manage it properly to be happy.”

“Well, she didn’t manage it well. It was because of the lack of sex that I dumped her ass.”

“Yeah, that happens sometime. She would have learned from you for her next relationship.”

“So why are you doing this with me?”

“Because I like to do this and I can’t risk doing it with Jay. It would screw up the power dynamic in our relationship. We’re good like this, me and him.”

The conversation opened my eyes quite a bit. Here was a gorgeous woman that seems to be needing to get used and maybe degraded. She had a loving husband who I’m sure would have loved a deep throat blow job. But I was getting instead of him. Sucks for him I guess, and I guess my next relationship would be different. I don’t know how I’ll make it work knowing how manipulative some women can be. We’ll see.

I was done with talking by then and my cock had begun to revive at the thought of what I may be able to do with this manipulative bitch in front of me.

“I see somebody waking up already.”

“Yeah, time for round two. On your knees on that couch bitch, time for me to sample that ass that you offered.”

“Oh! I like how you talk.” And Kay pulled off her dress leaving herself in a half cup bra, garters and stockings, then crawled to the couch facing me and got up and put her hands on the back with her ass propped up in the air.

“All yours.”

Without words I disentangled my legs from my pants and underwear. I stood behind her rounded and full ass and admired the view. The bitch had one hell of an ass on her. Smooth white skin without a blemish. Her pussy and ass were hairless. The skin was smooth and free of stubble. Amazing!

By now my cock was as hard as a baseball bat. Felt as big too.

Without any warning, I smacked her ass hard. Hard enough to leave an angry handprint on her right cheek.


“Shut up slut.”

Kay didn’t say anything, but her head dropped down in front of her.


A slap on her left cheek left a similar handprint.

I could hear Kay’s breath deepening. She was starting to breath hard. This must be turning her on.

I delivered few more smacks to that round ass until most of it was bright pink and I could see her pussy getting highly aroused. Her inner lips, previously small and hidden inside a puffy labia were now red and engorged enough to standout. Her clit stuck out below them and made itself quite noticeable.

It was a view to behold. Kay showed all the signs of a highly aroused woman.

I couldn’t help myself anymore, with one shove I buried my cock all the way into her slick passage only stopping when my thighs slapped the back of hers and my belly flattened those rounded cheeks. My cock pressed hard against her cervix and pushed it aside stretching her well.

Kay groaned and seemed to be breathing so hard that she was nearly wheezing.

I pulled out slowly, all the way. When my cock got free, I grabbed it and used the tip to rub Kay’s clit in circles. She pushed back seeking more contact and presenting her ass in an obscene manner. I kept rubbing her clit with my cock head, enjoying her reaction. No more than thirty seconds later, I could tell that she was about to come, so I started flicking her clit quickly with my cock until her first spasm hit. At that moment, I grabbed her hips and jammed my cock back in all the way as hard and as fast as I could. Kay screamed. I started fucking her fast and hard. And kay kept screaming. Her pussy was going crazy. I could feel it contracting hard. I fucked her pussy for a minute or so while Kay came continuously.

When I thought she’d had enough, I pulled my thoroughly lubricated cock from her pussy and aimed it at her ass and shoved quickly.

Kay started another wave of contractions and louder screaming.

“Oh, my God. Fuck me! Fuck my fucking ass! Fuck it hard.”

“Take it you slut. Take my fucking cock up your fucking ass.”

“Yes, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me. My ass needs hard pounding. I need it so much.”

“You’re a slam piggy aren’t you. Take this hard cock you fucking slut.”

“Yes, yes, yes. Fuck that ass. Fuck it. Fuck it good. It’s yours to do with as you please.”

“I’m gonna fuck it hard. I love fucking slutty asses.”

“Yes, fuck my ass. I haven’t done that since my honey moon and I miss it so much. Fuck it you big fucker. Fuck that ass.”

Her dirty words were incredible. I had never had a woman say stuff like that and really mean them. Every time she said the word fuck or fuck me she would push back hard to take my cock deeper if that were possible.

At one point the baby monitor on the side table came to life with the sound of a baby crying.

“Oh that’s my baby. He needs me. Fuck, we have to stop a little.”

“Fuck that. I’m not stopping you slut.”

And I went on pounding her ass harder than ever. Kay didn’t say anything about her still crying baby.

At that point the lubrication started drying on my cock, so I pulled it out, buried it in her still drooling pussy to get it lubricated again and shoved it back in her ass.

Two or three minutes later the crying stopped and Kay relaxed visibly.

“He’s back to sleep.”

“Ok, sure.” I couldn’t care less. I just went on pounding her ass hard.

At one point I felt her fingers on the bottom of my cock. She was masturbating herself.

I was ready to come. I had never fucked anybody that hard for that long before.

When I started coming I almost fainted. The sensation was so strong I saw stars.

After few jets I pulled out and grabbed Kay by the hair and pulled her back and into a kneeling position.

“Yes, come on my face.”

“Fuck that open up slut.”

She opened her mouth obediently and I just jammed my still spurting cock down her throat. She took it like a trooper. I kept it buried down her throat until my spasms stopped and I started deflating.

When I pulled it out Kay went to work licking and cleaning it. I could barely stand up, but the fact that she was sucking the same cock that was in her ass kept me from stopping her. I loved seeing that beautiful face do all these absolutely dirty things so lovingly to my cock.

My cock was now totally deflated and squeaky clean.

“Good slut. My cock likes you.”

“And this slut loves your cock.”

At that point I could stand up no more. So I almost collapsed on the couch.

That evening I fucked Kay once more. I didn’t really want to. Those two orgasms took a lot out of me. But Kay was really enthusiastic and treated me royally. She gave me a massage, a sports drink, and licked and sucked my cock until it got up. But, I didn’t have enough energy to give her a vigorous fuck so I just laid on the floor on her plushy carpet and she rode me for a long time. She put it in her pussy for at least thirty minutes and had herself at last count four orgasms. I was still hard so she lubed her ass up with some KY jelly and did an anal cowgirl and reverse anal cowgirl for at least another fifteen minutes. She couldn’t make me come.

By that time I needed to come and I was rested so I pushed Kay down onto her belly on the carpet and rode her ass hard for a few minutes until I finally deposited a final load in her bowels.

By eleven o’clock my balls were aching pleasantly. I hadn’t been this drained in ages.

After I caught my breath, I noticed that Kay wasn’t very responsive. I checked on her and found her asleep on the floor as she were when I finally pulled my tired and rapidly deflating cock from her ass. I guess she wasn’t going to be cleaning me up this time.

I went to the bathroom, cleaned my cock thoroughly and took a piss then got dressed and left her there.

The next day I received a text from her.

‘Thanks for the wonderful evening. We should do that again sometime.’

And we did. For the next couple of year I fucked Kay every time her husband left town for business. It came to an end when they suddenly moved away. As it turned out, Jay had become a little suspicious and the bastard installed a nanny cam without Kay’s knowledge and caught us.

He never said anything to me. I guess he knew what his wife was capable of. I heard some time after that they ended up divorcing.